April 4th, 2011

Bodyline ordering issues

 I'm hosting a local bodyline order but everytime I try to place it I get an error message instead of being taken to the paypal page. Is there something wrong with the site right now? Could it be that my order is too large for the site to process? I've ordered through bodyline before just never such a large order 26 items and 5400g.

I've tried contacting bodyline via email but they don't seem to understand my question and just confirmed that all the items were in stock instead of answering. I'd hate to cancel this order after I put so much time into organizing it but I'm really confused about what's going on and I'm having a hard time navigating the site.

My issue was resolved... kind of. I gave up and made it two orders so I could be done with it. I appreciate the comments. They were helpful for future reference but I don't know if I will ever order from bodyline again...
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Loli Rain Boots


I live in a fairly rainy place when I'm not at school, and mud season here in New England is fast approaching, and I need to buy a pair of loliable rain boots. And the search has come down to two items.

I'm fairly new to lolita, and I need a bit of help deciding which pair would be more versatile and easier to coordinate. 

Pair One: "Lava" from Jeffery Campbell

Pair Two: "Posh Dot" in pink, from Chooka

I look forward to hearing what you think!

'clothes especially for you' ebay seller?

i searched the community, but couldn't find anything. is the ebay seller 'clothes especially for you' the new version of momo's (they have several pictures with momo's watermark), a taobao reseller, or something else?

i have noted several hallmarks of stolen photos:

i thought that maybe the pictures on the grey backgrounds may have had their original backgrounds photoshopped out, but my monitor's not the greatest, and i can't tell. :D but that is another telltale sign of stolen photos, and given the other signs listed above, i wouldn't doubt it.

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Lily of the Valley Blog and giveaway


I wanted to let you all know that I have moved my Brand's blog from LJ to blogspot.

Lily of the Valley Blog

In addition to it being my brand's blog; it is also a "Projects and Aesthetics" blog.   

*Tutorials and recipes
*Info and "Sneakpeaks" of new lines
*Needlework and craft projects
*Historical Fashion projects and research
*Shopping finds

Please follow the blog for this and more!

I am also of course holding a giveaway to celebrate the blog "going public".

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I also have gotten a new URL for my brand:

Thank you
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h. Naoto at ACen 2011!

From Anime Central's April news letter....

Anime Central Announces H. Naoto

Anime Central excitedly welcomes H. Naoto as he makes his debut appearance at our convention. A popular Japanese fashion designer, H. Naoto's style incorporates ideas from Japanese subculture groups, predominately punk and gothic lolita.

H. Naoto's designs are internationally known. You can see his designs worn by Japanese personalities like Gackt, S.K.I.M., and Hangry & Angry, as well international artists, including Amy Lee of Evanescence.

H. Naoto will feature during Khaotic Kouture, ACen's annual Japanese culture-inspired fashion show. For more information on H. Naoto and his designs, read his bio or visit his official website.