April 1st, 2011

Missing dress

I am not sure if I should post this to the main comm or to the sales community. Mods if this post is not allowed I understand.

This is my issue. I just received my package from CD Japan 2 days ago. I had ordered a MAM jumperskirt. When my package arrived my jumperskirt was missing and I had a MA Maxicimam key chain. Huge price and size difference. CD Japan is unsure what has happened. My question to the members of the community is: has anyone received a sax blue jsk from CD Japan in the past week that they didn't order? If so I may have your keychain.

Thank you.

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Disneyland Spring Break

My very dear, non-lolita friend and I are driving the eight hours down to Disnleyland in Anaheim to spend three days of our spring break next week, and she really doesn't want me wearing my Lolita coordinate I have planned. I have heard stories about friction between Lolitas and the Disney staff, so I would like opinions on the coordinate I was planning on wearing. It is essentially gothic lolita, so I don't think I'd have problems like many in sweet lolita would, but I just want to cover my bases.

Headpiece - Chalerose Head Bow in black -> www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/baby/head/135905/b.jpg

Blouse - probably a black cutsew I made, it is very warm where I am and I can only imagine it being worse down in Anaheim. Either that, or the blouse I'm wearing in my userpic. It is offbrand, but it is light, and airy. It also matches the skirt pretty darn well (>w<)

Skirt - BPN skirt, taken on my dress form without the petticoat -img.pupe.ameba.jp/image/item/l/oITlsSP5RmR6.jpg

Black mary-janes, black tights

I'm trying to stay away from the "princessy" theme, not that I wear that much anyways. But I'm staying away from headbows/tiaras/etc. I think the roses will be good enough - and there will be minimal confusion if any, since they are black. So, opinions? Or am I just insane?
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Misako Aoki - On youtube again ^.^

Hey everybody, just sharing another video uploaded to youtube about 7 hours ago by Kawaii Girl Japan


This is not the full video, just the one where Misako talks about her dress.
Has anybody heard of Baby Ribbon brand? That's a new one to me, personally. ^.^

Just thought I'd share, please tell me if I need to remove this for whatever reason, Thank you!
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SS Shoes Cleaning?

Collapse ) I have a meetup tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew anway to get rid of little brown marks or scuffs? :O I have tried soap and water and it only gets little dirt spots but not the scuffs. I am really hoping that the scuffs are not permanent. I am sitting in my room with my "shoe shop" aka a towl protecting my floor, a little wet face cloth, soap, and my shoes. X_X  The shoes are pink.♥ I just wanted to know of anyway to get rid of scuffs or are they horrible little monsters that will haunt my little sweet lolita life! >  O  <(dramatic! x3 ) Thank you so very much! :D


New layout & themes - April

And with a new month comes a new layout~ Our lovely artwork this month is by amenoo . You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. We only had the one submission for this month which is why there was no poll ^^. Let's change that for next month! As usual, everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

The General Theme for April is Lolita Transformations!
This month we want to see how you transform into a lolita! Take some shots of you putting on your make-up, doing you hair and show us the before and after~ to see an example, please check Xaynie's post.

The Aesthetic Theme for April is Polka Dots.
Inspired by the banner artwork, we'd love to see anything and everything lolita and polka dotted!

April's contest will be announced shortly. Thanks everyone, hope you all have fun with the themes!

IW Lucky Packs?

I was wondering if anyone has been invoiced or has received their second e-mail yet?

*edit: Some posts are automatically being screened, I do not know why. I will unscreen them whenever I notice them, but if you know your comment is screened just PM me and I will fix it right away.

**edit: I got my invoice for Set B in Black M! :D 

Also sam_fanel ordered two sets by accident so she got two invoices. She has Set B in Black M, contact her if  you want it!

tote bag in the fridge?

Hi there,

Brands are always making adorable tote bags.
At work, I'm always bringing my lunch so I thought instead of using non-ecologic plastic bags, I should use a cute loli tote bag. But here is the thing, the bag needs to stay into the fridge until lunch...
I'm afraid the moist will kill my tote bag or make it wet...

Did anyone tried it before?
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