March 31st, 2011

"lolita" = Pedophilia to the normal person?

Whenever I attempt to explain what lolita fashion is to friends, the conversation stops at "lolita? You mean the book?"

As much as I adore the fashion I hardly want to be associated with a book about pedophilia. I've started considering calling us western lolis (or people who live in the english word) Alices. Not sure if that's a taboo or something. lol

What do you guys do to avoid this issue? Is it even an issue with most of you?

PS. don't get me wrong I don't see the fashion as something that encourages pedophilia or anything like that, just trying to discourage the association of the fashion with the book.

PPS. I have never read the book. I personally do not have a negative attitude towards the book since i'm not entirely sure what the story is, I'm just bringing up a question about societal understandings. I hope everyone can understand that and bring enlightening comments to this conversation ^ ^;;

Vive les thimbles and thread! Opinions greatly desired~(Pictures)

So I just finished a dress made for a textiles project, the given task being to create a garment or accesory based to some extent on Japanese street style, but to be sold in a high street store. (UK)

Lolita being my favourite genre, I decided to create a lolita-inspired dress that wasn't too over the top, meaning it could still be sold to a mainstream market.

Opinions of any sort would be greatly appreciated to aid my evaluation work! This dress wasn't quite as lolita as I'd like it to have been, but I'm not sure my ideal would have fit the criteria! If my sister and I finally get around to the actual photoshoot, I might post better pictures. (I apologise for my ghastly visage!! I had just finished a major sewing marathon to finish this, and was suffering from a cold.) Features my first attempt at large-scale embroidery. ;) There is a lace trim around the hems and straps that you cant quite make out in the picture, aussi.

Thankyou very much!!

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Hello, I'm a beginner and I've got a question.

Hello, everyone! I'm sorry if I sound noob-ish but I'm still only a beginner lolita. I've been interested in the style for quite a while now, however, I don't have any clothes yet. I'd like to order some items from Bodyline's English website. The point is that I don't have an idea how to do this. I'd be very grateful if someone would explain it to me. Like, how to place the order, how to pay etc. Thank you in advance!
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New Community: Old School Lolita

There's a new Lolita community around, oldschoollolita  is a community for all things related to the old school Lolita style. It's a community for those who want to meet some other people who have been into the fashion for the better half of a decade, or who want to buy or sell some black and white dresses, or perhaps show off a nice rectangle headdress you made, maybe post old school inspired coordinates, or just rant and reminisce with us!

oldschoollolita  welcomes anyone, from the seasoned Lolita who remembers the days before any brands shipped overseas to the newbie you is just looking for a style that's a bit simpler than the current trends.

Posted with permission from the mods!