March 30th, 2011

Modifying a coat from Bodyline?

I recently bought this coat (in black) from Bodyline, which is actually really nice, heavy, and warm, and the material is lovely BUT... it's too big on me T__T

I bought it in their smallest available size, medium... and unfortunately I'm a tiny girl and I didn't pay attention to the specific measurements. It's a bit big around the waist and chest area.

How would I go about fixing this without ruining the coat? :(

Should I take it to a tailor? o.o; How much would that even be and would it be worth it?
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Miho Matsuda's sizes

I really want to purchase this dress, but it says that the bust is 87 cm. Really too small for me (I have 95 cm).

Some girl told me that the sizes are not that small. Somebody knows or has this dress? ^^

Thank you very much!

skirts and what not?ss??

ok so lately i been making skirts only so far since the last i posted on which was a long time back maybe a few weeks heheh but some of the skirt turned out odd looking to me and i didnt know if they are ok to look that way or it is all wrong so i need some help on it too. i just finished my petticoat and im super happy now i'll be wearing loli more often weeeee >.< 

this skirt turned out ok too its a light orange almost pink
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 My friend is a new lolita and I decided to give her some links to stores... she choose this (edit):

I mean.... really? Bodyline isn't that terrible. they have better crap. But....come on... I'm trying to sway her but she is set on that and wearing this cheesy blonde wig and weird ear things so she could look like Chi from Chobits. I need help on how to advise her out of this...choice because I am very close to smacking her. 

Or should I let her be? But... look that that thing... 

FINAL REMINDER - March's contest & banner submissions

Hi everyone! Just a heads up about March's Hair Accessory contest, the deadline is midnight tommorrow (GMT)! We got a few submissions which didn't follow the guidelines correctly, so be sure to read through the description page fully. Also, don't forgot to get your submissions in for April's banner art contest ~ see here for further details or click here to submit theme ideas.

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