March 29th, 2011

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Lolita as an act of modesty

Hi I've been a Lolita for some time now but unfortunately not that active with my LJ account. Anyway thought this would be a good place for a discussion about what being a Lolita means to you?

For me Lolita was of course attractive because of it's sheer cute factor that seemed to match my aesthetic interests and personality but what really made me stick with it is the fact that you can express yourself and be modest and feminine at the same time!


Anyone who shares my view may be interested in the DoomFortress

Question regarding shipping from Japan

Hi, I was curious if this may just be a random issue or more widespread. Is anyone having issues with shipping through the postal service coming out of Japan? I am waiting on a MAM JSK that I ordered the beginning of February but that is another story, through CD Japan and it is almost 2 weeks since it says origin post is preparing shipment. I know it is registered mail and I have been spoiled by EMS and DHL. I have tried contacting the US Postal service to inquire If they can see anymore than the website tells me and they were no help. I just wasn't sure if there is a bigger problem with shipments coming out since everything that has happened. Any one having any shipping delays?

Thank you. ^_^

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DoL Fantastic Dolly JSK Review + Mini DoL Shooting Star Bag & Dear Celine Petticoat Reviews

 Hello :)

So I have been lurking on EGL for a very very long time but i've always been too scared to post anything. It's only recently I've started commenting on posts and it wasn't until I found a post that I could really input on that I found the bottle to post on here!! I felt that as it was to help people that it would be worth doing!! :)

livelifelala posted a few days ago asking about this replica so I wrote a mini review for her and then people started asking me questions so I felt it would be best if I posted a proper review with lots of pictures!

I have been very scared to post on here, so bare with me with and be nice!! :D haha, I took the photos about 5 minutes after I woke up so excuse my lolita-lacking photos and messy hair! 

This is not my room, but it is the one with the best light!

Follow the cut for lots and lots of pictures!

This is for livelifelala , solarplexis and kittykittan 

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Camilla d'Errico Iguana

BTSSB Lucky Pack Question

Hi, everyone! I've decided to purchase a BABY lucky pack, and just had a couple questions. (I've not yet put any money down and want to see a few things first...)

The contents of the pack according to the seller are as follows:
1 JSK pink/black/brown
1 Blouse white
1 Hair accessory pink/black/brown
1 Pair high socks
1 Cell strap

Has anyone purchased a lucky pack before? I'm wondering if the items will be matched by color, set, etc or if I'll have a really random conglomeration of JSK, socks, and headdress.

Also, has anyone ever had problems with sizing? The size is "free," but I'm a girl who will easily fit into AP and BABY's standard sizes.

Thank you everyone!

Name that Dress

Hey guys, I am trying to find stock pics of this dress, but it is hard w/out the dress name!  I think the dress came out in 2009, but I am not sure.  I think it may be called "Triple Frill JSK."  It is by Angelic Pretty.  Thanks!!!

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Getting ahold of TaoBao Spree

I emailed TaoBao spree 4 days ago, and was surprised when they never got back to me. The last email I got from them was on the 1st saying my items would be ready in 20 days. Anyone else having a hard time getting a hold of them? I've been waiting 3 months for my items and I am now getting a little worried.

Btssb new print "chocolate fascinate fairytale"

 The print has just gone up one the reservation section. I saw this print in the video of the fashion tea party that happened about a month ago. I really like this print it's sweet but not to sweet I can imagine wearing to see the nutcracker ballet.
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Bodyline site down?

 I've been trying to check out Bodyline today (for the very first time!) and I'm having a bit of trouble. Right now the site is extremely slow; earlier today it wouldn't load at all. Is this normal for this site?