March 28th, 2011

Strange message from bodyline

Hello there,

After ordering form bodyline for the first time I got this quirky e-mail from them about a month after I received  my clothes.

Next time you order item,You can sent me your order list then we can check it
Have a nice day
Thank you

It seems like a simple good will message but I don't quite understand the simplified english.  Do they want me to send them an e-mail with my order next time so they can check their stock?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gotten this, but just what do they mean? 

Worn Photo Request: AATP Cross Belt Boots

 I've been looking for a pair of piratey lolita boots lately and I've been thinking about getting AATP's Cross Belt Boots. The only problem is they have a bunch of straps and stuff and I've never seen them worn so I'm not sure if they would have the look I'm going for. So, does anyone have examples of the cross belt boots being worn?

Boots in question:

Classical Puppets petticoats help? Pics please!

 Hi, I've been slowly trying to grow a lolita wardrobe, and i have a few outfits, but I've been relying on stacking old Hottopic pettiskirts from my goth phase to make a makeshift petticoat. Finally, I've decided it's time to stop slacking off and just get a real petticoat. I've been looking at TaoBao for about a week now for reasonable pettis with lots of poof and I think I like the Classical Puppets petticoats the best because they are all organza and seem SUPER POOFY! The ones I've been looking at are these three models:

They all seem to have great poof, but to be sure I'm making the right decision I wanted to ask if any of you lolis have any of these pettis, and if so, if you could please post pics of you wearing the petti under a skirt or just having the petti by itself is fine. THANKS!
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