March 27th, 2011

A Rainy Day Photoshoot

This weekend I had a fun photoshoot with mognetcentral aka Lydia Chen (the photographer for Carousel of Crowns). We went to Children's Fairyland and Lake Merritt in Oakland. I don't get many chances to wear my handmade raincoat so it was nice to be out in the rain!


Check out Lydia's portfolio here!
She does fashion, commercial and wedding photography.

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Imai Kira - Twinkle Mermaid

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Dear mods: let me know if this isn't okay! I looked through the rules and I'm not sure if this counts as a sales post or not since I don't have specific goods up for sale...please let me know. ♥

I have been doing a shopping service here in Nagoya since February and was supposed to stay here until the end of May. However, my university is ordering me back home. This means I'm leaving Japan two months early, on the 7th. I will continue to fulfill orders until the last moment; however, this means all orders must be available in store. In the past, I was able to ask stores to deliver the item from a different store if it was unavailable in Nagoya; because I will not be here as long as I thought, this is now no longer possible.

I will still be taking orders until April 4th.

Thanks to everyone who used my services! I really appreciate it.