March 26th, 2011


Too old to Loli?

 Hello there!

I've been watching loli communities from afar for a few years and am finally plucking up the courage to play around a bit. I want so badly to do something feminine; at 5'10 and with big ol' feet it's kind of hard.

I'm finding that classic loli resonates most with me (although the sugary stuff has its draw!). I plan on doing my naturally curly brown hair instead of a wig.

My big question:

I am now 29. Am I too old to loli?

I hope not. 


They say you cannot be too old, but what about too young?

Although Lolita is about looking young, I feel as though most people that wear Lolita are in their 20's. I know it is ridiculous asking if you are too young to wear lolita and look good in it, but what about being accepted into the community? I see sooo many people asking "Am I too old to wear Lolita?" and in response I always find "It's okay, I am the same age/older than you!" And while looking through my G&L Bible the youngest street snap girl I found was 17.  I wrote a blog post about some more of what it is like being a 13 year old lolita, if anyone is interested.

I feel as though going to meet-up and events, I will always be the youngest person there. (That is, till I get older) Will I be treated differently? Do you think that being accepted into the community will be harder if you are younger? Will people automatically assume you to be immature and obnoxious? Is there anyone who faces the same problem?

A Chipmunk

Tomato on an IW blouse >.

I wore one of my IW blouses to a bridal shower and got some (raw) tomato on it D=

It says "Do not wash." and "Dry clean" on it, but I can't get it to the cleaners until Monday. Should I try to rinse the area with cold water? will that ruin it? Anyone have any tips? help! >.

Happy Garden rep.

So spring is coming up and I want to get the happy garden op by Dream of Lolita on Qutieland in lavender or blue, I remember reading a review and it said that the material was kind've like a swimsuit. This worry's me alot. I was wondering for people who have bought this, whats the material like. I thought that maybe they changed the material??? thanx~♥

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