March 25th, 2011


Florida Panhandle Lolitas!

So, I have slowly but surely begun to become a full fledged lolita. And while I wasn't really a lolita before because I never had enough clothes (but now i'm taking the plunge and stop being a chicken. Because frankly I'm terrified of other Lolitas hahaha.....)
The one thing I always saw other Loli's doing and enjoy was meet-ups. And I've wanted soooo long to do one. Now that I'm buying clothes and slowly building my wardrobe (getting my skirt from fan+friend soon and doing another order next month!) I was wondering if there were some Lolita's interested in doing one in a couple of months? I was just wondering how many Lolita's were in the Florida Panhandle area who wanted to? I live in Panama City, and I've found a tearoom in the downtown of our city and will be going to check it out soon to see how it is. 

So right now, I just want to know, Florida Panhandle Lolita's, would you be willing to do a meet up if the tearoom is a nice one in a couple of months? (i'm sure we can figure out to do more than go drink tea lol)

This isn't an official thing, just more like suggestion I guess? lol

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Strange request; I need your lolita room snaps!

Hello everyone!

I hope this is OK to post (mods feel free to tell me if its not and I will delete) but I have a bit of a strange request and need help from the community. I did not search for posts of rooms since this is pretty specific and it would be easier for me to contact people through here directly. So I hope this is OK!

I am working on some limited edition art prints. Since I would like these to be very nice quality, I thought it would be a cute idea to be able to "show" the prints in lolita styled rooms. This is where I need your help! I am looking for pictures of rooms that are very influenced or fashioned in lolita style. I am currently looking for Sweet Lolita style, but I will also need Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita for the future. If anyone is interested in helping me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

The person whose picture I choose to use for my advertising will get a free print! :)

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Colorful Paris Windows

Concerning A Scam

So I have a question to anyone who went to the Tokyo Fashion Festa like a year ago or so, anyone who signed up for their email list. I got an email from "Tokyo Fashion Festa" at 12:30am last night, and I'd rather not disclose what it said unless I get a bunch of people saying that they got it too, the title of the email is Loan (Response Needed Immediately), and its from a girl named Katsu Oiwake, and she states to be in some kind of situation, asking me, personally, like a friend, for money.

I'm seeing it as a scam, I just want to know if anyone else got it. This is NOT something I want Tokyo Fashion Festa emailing me when I don't know this girl.

Also is I want to know if this is a scam, and if we should alert the Tokyo Fashion Festa people.
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Need some opinions!

Most of the details are here, but to give a summary so I can entice you to read it:
I recently won a sweepstake, and part of my prize is that I get to design my own lolita outfit, have it made by a seamstress, and I get to model it at a fashion show! :) I have some designs made already, and I'd like to get some opinions regarding which one I should choose, and I'm open to suggestions such as color choices, trim/lace selections, etc. Please take a look and help me out. Thanks!
sailor rori

batch of icons

hey dolls,
i made some icons (24 in total).
150x150 (3 of them in 100x100, i think)

pictures from GLB vol. 39, credits for the scans go to tokyo_jam 

i'm not really satisfied with them this time , but i thought i'd just show it to you~
comments = LOVE
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anyone else amused by the heidi-theme? XD
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Anyone else bringing loli into Script Frenzy?

Script Frenzy is to screenplays what National Novel Writing Month is to novels - a challenge to write a 100 page screenplay in a month. And it's coming up next month! \o/

I was just curious if anyone else here was doing it, and if so, if any characters are lolitas, because I'm definitely in that boat.

My screenplay is going to be a YA coming of age thing (with superpowers!) and the main character's best friend and roommate, Adalina, is a sweet lolita who can sing people to sleep or drowsiness. Since the main setting is a boarding school, I'm thinking that she dresses mostly casually; skirts/JSKs and cutsews, bows pinned to her backpack, that sort of thing.

Aside from wondering if anyone else is doing Script Frenzy, I had two actual questions:

- I've never been very interested in sweet lolita, so I'm not really sure of the ins and outs. Is there one dress that is The Dress in sweet, or at least something almost any lolita would instantly understand Adalina's lust for?

- For anyone who's taken lolita to college, or another situation with tight living quarters; how did you manage? Where did you store everything? Was your room a frill-splosion? (What ruffly hell (or heaven!) is Adalina's roommate going to encounter, in other words?)