March 23rd, 2011

Bodyline music note JSK?

Hi! I'm not used to this community yet and I had a question. A while ago I stumbled upon the Bodyline Music Note JSK and I have a few questions I wanted to see if anyone could answer.
  • What are the measurements on the JSK? (Chest, waist, length, anything.)
  • How much does it usually sell/buy for?
  • Where could I find a used one preferably.
Thanks! <3

Knock-Offs? Child Labor? Just Badly Done? Why Are They So Cheap?

 Hello! My name is Brianne, and I'm new to this site but have been doing lolita for some time. Unfortunately, I don't have much money to spend on it so I only have three dresses, and I'm always trying to find the cutest, but cheapest dresses so I can pay for things I need (Apartment, college, books for college, food, ect).

Which brings me to my question. It's been knawing at me for awhile. Sites like and why are they so cheap? I see the same exact dresses other places for much steeper prices, and I mean the exact same dresses. 

I've ordered from Milanno once, before I had suspicions and thought I had found some secret cheap site that was totally legit, but not lolita. School girl outfits. They all came in the right size and perfectly well-made for the most part.

But what's the deal? My friend and I both have a knawing feeling in our guts that these sites aren't on the up-and-up. Our minds went to child labor, and it really frightens and upsets me to think that because I own some of their stuff (the schoolgirl outfits), and I'd really hate myself if children really were being exploited.

Are they just good old-fashion knock offs? Or is something worse going on here?

Few questions about classic-sweet.

Hello! I have a quick question and a small request for you guys!

A) I am making a dress with a classic, stripe and floral pattern in blue and brown, and longer skirt like an innocent world dress, but with a bell shaped skirt. I couldn't find any examples like this on hellolace or the lolibrary or egl/daily lolita. Has anyone seen this done? Also, mine is high-waisted, but any examples would be appreciated!

and B) What is you opinion of soft bonnets with classic lolita? I don't have enough skill to make a hard brimmed bonnet nor a wired one, but have tons of fabric left.

Thank you in advance for answering my questions! ^^
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Craft selling sites.

Good day, ladies, may I bother you with a question? Many lolita purchases are made online, and many of you visit such places as Etsy. But how often do you use alternative sites, such as I've been thinking for some time to move my business off of Etsy, since it was getting more and more management issues, but that's not the point now. The point is - is it worth using Artfire? Course, I'm still giving it a shot to compare for myself, but I'm interested in the customer and fellow crafters point of view.