March 22nd, 2011

Sakura Con Lolita Meetup?

Hi ladies-quick question this time-was there a thread going here about meetup details for SakuraCon? I thought I saw one awhile back, but searching the memories only came up with someone asking about volunteers for the fashion show. I checked the SakuraCon message boards themselves, but all the info was scattered and I couldn't find anything concrete. Thanks in advance if you can help point me in the right direction!

Sewing tutorial: heart rosette brooch


I've been wanting to make some more sweet accessories since I no longer really wear full-on sweet stuff, and this rosette brooch seemed just the thing to pin onto a plain cardigan or blazer (can take the girl out of lolita, but it seems you can't quite take all the lolita out of the girl...) But I could see it being worn as part of a full OTT-sweet coordinate as well, either as a brooch or a hair accessory! Click the picture to take you to the tutorial :)

Lolita at the Workplace!

I was looking searching through EGL today, to see if there were any other Lolita's on here that wear Lolita to work, be it full on or super casual. I found the article soniabunny wrote titled definitive guide to wearing lolita at work which has some great pictures in the comments, but as it was created quite a few months ago I thought I would bring the topic back up, and ask to see your pictures of Lolita at work!

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Kind of an odd question, but...

Does anyone have the pictures of lolitas with rockets 'shopped in for their legs that were posted on loli_secret a while back? I think one of them said something about the price of socks decreasing dramatically. xD
I tried searching through loli_secret, but I'm not having any luck so far.
Thanks! xD;