March 19th, 2011



Thinking of making a purchase to Fan+Friend for a cute JSK. But I was wondering about the actual coloring.
This is the jsk in question Does anyone have this jsk? because in the picture it looks more of a redish pink =\ and i really want Pink.

If anyone has this can they show me some pics of the color?

Also, sense i have to do a custom order I need to give them my sizes. Tell me if these sound off?

*Note: I'm a plus size girl with DD Boobs so the sizes are gonna be big =|

Bust: 53in
Waist: 47 in
Hip: 55in

Those sound about right.....right?

Edit: this skirt as well? Depending on the color I might just opt out and buy the skirt and get it custom fitted.

Edit 2: God i'm posting on here a lot lately xD This skirt as well
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Shipping from Japan - Right on Schedule!

I just wanted to reassure anyone who was recently reconsidering a purchase from Japan. I received notice on Thursday from Japonica shopping/bidding service that they had shipped some items to me via EMS. I got a delivery notice from USPS this morning and picked my package up from the post office shortly after. My package was in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier! I can't speak for any other shipping service, but if you are having items shipped via EMS, they should arrive just as quickly as before.

Happy shopping everyone!
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custome colors?

I promise this is the last time your gonna see me on here posting for awhile xD

I was on fan+friend and was about to put in my order (got as far as the page overview) when I realized it didn't ask me for the custome color I wanted or how long I wanted my skirt.

Do they send me an email or do I send them an email immediately after I press the "confirm" button? Because in the overview thingy before i click the confirm button it says the skirt will come in cream. And I want it in pink. Help? Because I need to order this ASAP =x

P.S I promise not to flood your friends page after this entry for a while xD ♥♥

Finding clothes that fit.

I am transgendered and am thus quite tall and broad, I am also quite weighty, not very fat but since I have a "Male" waist size it makes it seem enormous next to any female. However the main problem isn't my weight/waist, it is my shoulders and overall size. It's going to be very hard to get things to fit right especially since my body will be going through changes in the near future. I'm tired of not having many clothes I like though.

I know I'm not going to be able to pull off sweet lolita or anything like that, and I'm not going to try. I think I am more into gothic, classic, aristocrat styles. I also have a soft spot for the Mori type fashion and some of the less OTT Dolly Kei.

I am having trouble finding clothes I like that fit. I really liked some of the dresses  I saw on fanplusfriend, but was told they were overpriced and not great quality. I had a look through all the Taobao stores I could find and didn't see anything that caught my eye.

These are the styles of dress I really liked:

Is it true that they're not the best value for money? I'm on a pretty strict budget and I'm experimenting so don't want to dump $100 into a dress that might not suit me. A lot of the outfits I own I got for fairly cheap.

As an aside I did find one Taobao store with stuff I wanted, but not lolita, in particular this dress -

Does anyone know if this style has a name and where I may get similar items to fit? Thanks.

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Tutorial time! Make yourself a half-bonnet out of your waist ties!

 Hello everyone! I've made a tutorial on how to make half bonnets out of your dresses or skirts waist ties. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone! :D

I have it posted on my blog, so please visit there for the tutorial ^^

(false cut to my blog post!)

x-posted to sew_loli! sorry for anyone seeing this twice.
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*MASTER LIST* Lolita Videos UPDATE JUNE 23 2013

I've compiled a list of all the current informative lolita video (whether they be amateur or professorial) on the internet. I am only including news pieces or documentary within this list (ie no vlogs). I've separated the videos by the country they were filmed in, to make it easier to view them and find them within the list.I found quite a few videos that misrepresented lolita fashion and I chose not to put them within this list. I hope this will help a number of lolita whether it be for research or entertainment purposes.
(I realize that I probably missed some video so feel free to post them below so I can add them)
(If  you star or made one of the videos and you don't feel comfortable having the video up here please let me know)

* english subtitles

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*Man bijt hond “Lolita”


Wat heet


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Você na TV

Lolitas em Portugal - Jornal da Noite

Dias de Princesa
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