March 18th, 2011

Nuclear Situation in Japan

There is an animated video under the cut. I don't really know how to explain it, I think it's mild enough for most sensibilites, but you wouldn't see it in an American classroom. It's an animation made for children, exlaining what's going on with the nuclear plant. I thought the community would get a kick out of it and I think it's better to listen to the Japanese, rather than western news sources that might not have the story right.

EDIT- I think it might be important to say this. Yes, this is very serious. Yes, people are in danger. Yes, people have and could still die. Yes, it sucks. But, not a single one of us can hop on a plane to Japan and help them get their nuclear situation under control and throwing money at it won't fix it alone. There is nothing we as individuals can do, but wait and hope. I posted this as a response to fear mongering and panic. Why panic about it? There's no reason for it if you don't live in Japan within thirty or so miles of the plant. You can still be concerned, you can still pray(or whatever you do), and you can still send money to charities, without freaking out.

I am very concerned and I wish and hope the best for them, but I won't forget this: DON'T PANIC AND ALWAYS HAVE YOUR TOWEL.

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Marby drawn Kyra

Charity buying!

Hello people, it's Friday! Pay day for those of us who are paid weekly :D Have you got your eye on anything you want to buy?

Forever 21 sent me an email today saying:

"100% of every dollar you spend online today will go toward the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan"

They have lots of cheap loliable items; so if you felt like splashing out, today (up to midnight) would be the day to do so!

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I *think* this is UK only since I've been to their US site and couldn't see a similar banner (though it's strange that they've phrased it 'every dollar', we don't use dollars!) but you could always email them and ask if this has/will happen in your country and if not, why not?! XD On the US website too now!

Juliette et Justine are still doing a 40% off sale with profits after shipping etc going to the relief effort. JetJ is a bit of an under-represented overseas-serving classic brand, which it shouldn't be when people rated it the most or one of the most highest quality brands they owned in a recent discussion post! Their prices are really high though so a sale would be a very good time to test them out! XD

Innocent World are taking reservations for a Tohoku Earthquake Charity Set on Monday the 28th (Japanese time).

Takuya Angel is having a sale and offering luckybags (contents worth 1.5% value) at any price range from Y5,000 up!

Poupee Girl is accepting donations in 100, 500 and 1,000 yen amounts which are represented by red, yellow and white items bought from a jewel shop. You can buy jewels with paypal and then use them to buy the special items to make a donation. The nice thing about Poupee girl is they will match your donation when giving to the red cross (i.e buy a ribbon/headbow for 1,000 jewels, poupee girl will donate Y2,000 yen to the red cross)
This incredibly helpful post lists a great deal of information and a lot of ways to help!

Any lolita/lolita related shops doing charity sales that I've missed?
Are you selling anything with proceeds to charity you want to pimp out?
Share your charity related purchases! (Doesn't have to be Japan related, did you buy a Vivienne Westwood designed t shirt for red nose day?)


First, thank you everyone who helped me with my last post!

Checked search didn't really come up with anything concrete. How do you measure your feet exactly for bodyline shoes? As some people tell me on my last post, I need to measure my feet to get the right pair of bodyline shoes. And then some tell me I need to go with a 26, and some tell me I need to go with a 27. =\

I'm a US size 10 with wide feet.

So, now i'm a bit iffy. I tried to measure my feet but I'm pretty sure i'm measuring wrong x_x;

Can anyone direct me to a tutorial or something with pictures (as i'm a visual learner more than anything else ^^)

Please help! ♥♥