March 17th, 2011

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Who made this OP?

A few years ago I came across a black x white OP in the sales community that I adored, but sadly, it sold before I could purchase it. I asked the seller for permission to save the photo to use for a WTB post, but stupidly, forgot to take note of what brand the dress was. I'm wondering if anyone might know?

The photo of the dress I have is here.

Any other info on it (year, etc) would be much appreciated, as I'm still searching for it. T_T

Wanted: Lolita Businesses!

Glacée is looking for Advertising Partners!

We're looking for lolita-centric businesses to advertise in our magazine.  Have a shopping service, Etsy shop, brick-and-mortar store, or something completely different?  We want you to advertise in Glacée!

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Innocent World skirt measurements?

I'm looking for the measurements of an (any, really) Innocent World A-line skirt, though preferably one from pre-2009.

The measurements I'm looking for are the circumference of the waist and of the bottom hem.

If you happen to have an IW A-line skirt, and wouldn't mind measuring it for me, I would appreciate it to the moon and back.  (If you choose to comment, could you also let me know exactly what skirt you have?  I'd like to get an average over a few different styles.)

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Lolibrary Tutorial: How to Search for an Item!

Hi there! I thought it might be helpful to create a visual tutorial on how to search through the Lolibrary database ( for a lolita item.

Follow this link to learn how:

Hope this helps!

I'd also like to announce the we have well over 6,000 entries and we're going on strong! Please feel free to join our community and contribute.

Loris bags test video

I know many of you are wondering how much Loris Bags can hold before breaking. (I read reviews on here about them breaking after a couple of hours). I went on Taobaospree and saw that they posted a link to a video that demonstrates Loris testing the weight limit on one bag. I thought you all would be interested. ^^

EDIT: Found another video.

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A Japanese book store.

Does anyone know any Japanese book store around B.C. in Vancouver??? The one I usually go to called Iwase Book Store closed down for some reason. I really need to buy KERA, GOTHIC LOLITA BIBLES and Popteen magazines. Does anyone know a place around Vancouver or some place I can shop online from Vancouver? or a website I can see Japanese magazines???
Any information would be appriciated, thanks!

Would you be interested in these?

Hello all~
I've recently found a lot of small loliable items around Vancouver and was wondering if anyone would be interested in them if I bought some and sold them via the EGL_comm_sales?

The first one is that I can buy Daiso brand eyelashes from a local store. I'd probably sell them for $3 + shipping to cover transit there and back. They have triangle-type, natural lash, half-lashes, glitter lashes, etc.

The same store also carries cute jewels, fake nails, nail polish, etc etc all at around a $3 + shipping range.

Another thing I found is a button store that sells AMAZING buttons (the kind you sew on, not pin-back ones)! They have clockwork steampunk buttons, along with large, medium and small resin rose buttons that are to die for. They come in pink, black, cream, and blue. I didn't manage to snap any pictures, but is there an interest in these buttons? I remember the large ones (about as big as the circle when you touch your pointer finger to your thumb) being maybe $4? $5? The steampunk ones were more expensive, but again I can't remember exactly how much.
They also have rabbit buttons, hearts, skulls, crests, etc

So, any interest? Suggestions? I just wanted to gauge how the community feels before I go about taking pictures and buying stock.


I Swear I'm Not Trolling

I know that this might seem like a weird question to ask, but I'm really worried about the affect lolita clothing from Japan may have upon my health. Lately there have been a lot of reports about radiation leaks in Japan, before the earthquake I ordered clothing from Mbok which is still waiting to be shipped to me. I'm worried, will there be any/enough radiation in the clothing to give me radiation sickness? I'm kind of a hypochondriac.

Also, a local loli in our community just got back from Japan and wants to meet up. I have the same concerns regarding hanging out with her.

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