March 16th, 2011

Taobao advice

Hello, Lolita newbie here!

After a few weeks of looking, deciding, and saving, I finally e-mailed taobaospree yesterday to order my first Lolita clothes ever. So far, they've been really friendly with me, but they informed me that they no longer do orders from HMHM due to poor manners and productivity. Unfortunately, the bulk of my order consisted of HMHM items:


Taobaospree suggested that I go through Surface Spell for the MM replica instead. Does anyone have any experience with getting replicas from Surface Spell? I'm considering getting replicas of the MM dress and the Bloody Pumpkin skirt, and looking for a pink/black dot skirt on another taobao site (any suggestions?). I'm hoping to get these clothes by the end of May so I can wear them to Fanime, and am starting to stress that I'm running out of time. Should I stick with taobaospree and get the replicas, or should I try another SS in hopes that HMHM doesn't screw up?

Thanks for the help everyone! :)

*UPDATE!* Thanks for the advice everyone! After some thought, I've decided to just order the non-HMHM items through taobaospree (since they've been so nice to me) and do a separate order with dolly poddle (which I will add to next week since my friend wants some stuff). I'm crossing my fingers that everything will arrive by the end of May!

u.s.-based retailers of lolita clothing?

I'm putting together some handouts for a panel on dressing lolita on a budget, and I have a few questions I have yet to find answers to:
  • other than, does any us-based retailer sell fan+friend clothing?
  • speaking of fan+friend, does lady heather's fashions still sell lolita clothing at conventions? last year, she had just started carrying some brand in addition to fan+friend, but I recently heard that she no longer carries lolita clothing at all. I checked her website, and her 2010 convention schedule is still up.
  • I'm looking for us-based makers or retailers of lolita clothing. i've checked the memories as well as the faq for seamstresses with their own websites, but the list in the faq is out-of-date, and many of the links are dead.

Helping Hand of Handmade and other charity!

Hello to all once more! I'd like to bring your attention to th results of my first charity event and thank all those who made this possible! Everybody will be contacted shortly, since I have a surprise for all.
For results and more info, click the banner!

Thank you all who showed support and everybody who made donation on their own!

Also, I'm taking part in  help_japan auction with several digital art lots. Please check!

Full color digital art auction
Chibi art auction

Shopping from the online brand stores vs. Shopping service?

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question that has been bothering me for a while. I currently reside in Canada and want to buy stuff from Baby's online japanese store. Probably a jsk or headbows. Does anyone know what the customs are like? Will it be cheaper to get a shopping service?

Also if so does anyone have any suggestions of good shopping services? (:
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