March 15th, 2011

Art Post: Drawing Your Coords !!

Hi everybody I'm new to this community! I uh, don't wear lolita but my sister does. Lolita fashion is fun to look at though.

I like to draw a ton, so if you post a coord of yours that I like I might draw it.

I drew a pic of my sister's coordinate, which she's entering the Gothic Lolita Wig contest with.
Technically the pic isnt of her, I just drew everything she was wearing! I normally draw a ton of angry intense people so technically this is my first time drawing frilly girly stuff. 
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Going to London soon, any tips?

Hi egl!

I'm going to London soon, and I'm quite at loss of what to do. I'm only there for four days, and I want to experience as much as I can!

So I was wondering, do you have any tips of Lolita-esque things to do in London? Like any places to visit and take photos at, stores, anything! ^_^ I've already decided to go for afternoon tea at the Dorchester. :3

Skirt measurement

How wide is the bottom of an average lolita skirt or dress? I want to make a dress myself but my example dress that I want to use as a pattern might not have enough poof. If it matters, my hip width is 99 cm, my waist is 82 cm and my bust 107 cm.
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Hey EGL, I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster...Uhm...I was wondering about some good places to buy some man styled lolita and etc. So sorry If this has been asked before but I don't wanna mess up since this stuff is really expensive hehe. Any help would be much appreciated and if this is in the wrong place or whatever may it be feel free to delete it.

Dress to skirt alteration tutorial, plus a new blog!


Oh no! What could this assortment of items possibly mean? Yes, it's an alteration - I decided I wanted this dress to be a high-waisted skirt, so did it as a weekend project and tutorial. Hide your eyes if you don't like seeing brand cut up, though I think the finished skirt turned out quite nicely. Click the picture to take you to the tutorial :)

It's also part of a new blog I've started, Red-Headed Snippet. It's not strictly lolita-themed, more of a 'post-lolita' fashion blog as I tend to incorporate lolita pieces into my regular wardrobe, but there'll be quite a few lolita-friendly tutorials and posts coming up - currently you can read a three-part post about quality and how to assess it, inspired by the recent egl discussions. Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions if you have any regarding anything in the tutorial. <3

Lolitas in the Green Mountains?

Hello! Given the overall lack of people in my state, I'm wondering if anybody knows of or is a lolita in Vermont? It would be nice to connect with some fellow lolis in the area. I'm up north in the biggest city in our state (l- like that says much), and I know there are some wonderful places for small meet-ups and such. I'm quite new to the fashion, too, so I admit, I'm looking for some friends to "talk loli" with. The only problem is, are there any?

Contest & Banner reminder - March

Hi everyone! Just a heads up about March's Hair Accessory contest, be sure to get your entries in before the end of the month! We got a few submissions which didn't follow the guidelines correctly, so be sure to read through the description page fully. Also, don't forgot to get your submissions in for April's banner art contest ~ see here for further details or click here to submit theme ideas. Thanks!
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Zenkaikon V Meetup-- Valley Forge, PA

Hi guys!
Just wanted to let anyone attending Zenkaikon know that the Philly lolitas will be hosting an informal meetup at Zenkaikon. Zenkai is a local anime convention that is on its fifth year. The meetup is on Saturday at 2pm. More details on the meetup here:

There will also be a lolita fashion show on Sunday at 3pm. If you're in the area, come on out-- it's sure to be a great time!

Zenkaikon Website:

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