March 14th, 2011

Mailed an order to Baby, never received confirmation. Got blacklisted?

So I emailed an order to Baby and never received a response. Today I finally received a reply informing me that I had gotten a confirmation the 3rd and was now blacklisted because I had not replied. I never got any confirmation email. What do I do?

Here's the emails I received.

Dear ______
We sent you the confirmation mail on 3rd March.

But unfortunately, we have not received your payment and response, yet.

We ask our customers to finish their payment within 10 days.

The customers who could not keep the rule are listed on the black list and

it’s going to be difficult to accept the order after this.
Your order has canceled and we don’t have any stocks for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Oh course I emailed back and mentioned I never actually received any emails. And yes I checked the spam filters, there were none from Baby. This was the response.

Dear ____
Thank you for your reply.

Please read the 【important notification】 in the overseas page.

Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable to list your name on our black list.

Thank you.

So yeah...what do I do?
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La Carmina Polyvore Contest :P

I've heard the name mentioned a couple times, I know her bad EGL reputation (;D), but I just thought I'd comment about it for laughs, serious discussions. Apparently as a "Professional Harajuku fashion blogger" she thought it would be interesting to host a contest for Japanese street fashion outfits. You can submit any outfit (has to be new) in any Japanese street fashion styles (lolita, mori girl, gyaru, visual kei). You get a copy of her cookbook Cute Yummy Time as a prize for winning.

Here's the link if any of you might want to look at it:

Oddly enough (not), I've only seen two "lolita" outfits and both of them were pretty laugh worthy. One involves an absolutely horrific Milanoo dress and another involves a cosplay "lolita" dress and costume babydoll heels.

I don't know if I'm going to enter, but I adore bentos and that's what the prize book is about.

EDIT: It seems Polyvore has taken down the contest from their site. I have no idea what's happened to it or the entries.
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Taobao question - shipping from China

Hi everyone !
I just received the shipping quote for my order at Taobao spree, and I find the amount a bit expensive...
The total weight of my parcel is 2,10 kg and they told me the shipping to France will be 57,75 USD.

I am not really aware about shipping costs from China, so would anyone have a link to where I could find such an information (with details if possible) ? I would like to compare to see if this price is normal.
Also, for people who are being used to order from China, is this price a normal one ?

Thank you !

Japan IS accepting monetary donations C:

Sorry for yet another post on the tsunami/earthquake in Japan, but I thought it'd be better to clear the confusion aroused by the previous article posted here.

Japan is currently accepting relief efforts and supplies from the world, and worldwide charity organizations are funding these efforts. What they haven't asked for, is BLOOD donations. Not monetary ones. I think the blogger of the article posted up here previously didn't do complete research and was slightly misled.

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sechuna sizing questions


I'm trying to order these shoes from I have a foot length of 24cm and usually wear a EUR size 38 (insole length 24.5cm). Unfortunately size 39(24.5) is sold out, and now I have to decide whether to go one size up or down.

Does anyone have shoes from sechuna and knows if they are running smaller/ more on the narrow side or are true to size? I don't want to end up with shoes that don't fit, especially since shipping is pretty expensive.

SOLVED, thank you all so much for your super fast help! <3 You guys are great. <3
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Poupee Girl Fundraising

 For those of you who haven't noticed yet, Poupee is currently running a little campaign to gather donations.
They have a little special section of items for sale via jewels to raise money.

The article about it can be found on the front page, but here's a direct link
The beneficiary is the Japan Red Cross.
Purchasing an item of 50 jewels = donation of 50yen to the Red Cross.
Pupe will donate the same amount with each donation. Meaning ultimately Pupe will give 100yen for an item costing 50 jewels.

Above specifics added courtesy of elze_art 
In a separate announcement, they said they will temporarily stop new releases on their site because of the tragedy.

Please continue giving Japan your support in any way you can!


Loli meetup outfit?

Hi! This is my second time posting on EGL. I need some advice. I am going to my second meetup this coming weekend. I was wondering if it would be acceptable if I wear the same dress again?(Because I do have a Pink Bodyline dress) or if the girls would probably judge me if I did?

I haven't had the chance to buy a new dress and I was wondering instead of wearing the Loli dress again, I could wear this dress to the meetup? it isn't Loli... however I tried to make it look like it? would this outfit be acceptable?

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Few weeks ago, i posted a entry on problems with taobabuying. here is the post:

Well, following up that post:
I waited a few days and tbb finally replied ( on march 4th) with the quoted shipping, I didn't want to paid so quickly because i had a few questions in mind, i asked for other ways to contact him and some other stuff.

But after that I never got any emails from him.(I also sent him several emails during that period) A week after seeing that the convention day is coming really close, I made a dispute on paypal, and waited a day to see if they will reply, and of course, no. I didn't want to wait any long so i escalated it into a claim, simply because I'm just sick of waiting for their damn email.T_T
Oh well, I warned them in my emails multiple times  :/

Now, 4 or 3 days has passed since the claim. still nothing from taobaobuying.

Oh yeah btw, is it that  10 days after you escalated the dispute into a claim, and the seller still haven't reply on paypal you get your money back? o.o i think i saw this on paypal when I was doing the dispute/claim, but now i see something like " we'll resolve the problem in 30 days".

 P.S. Thanks for the suggestions on the last post~:D

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Anime Matsuri this weekend!

Is anyone else going?  My bf and I will be there, but I'm wondering if I'll get to meet any lolitas I've seen posting here ^-^

(I hope this hasn't already been posted...did a quick search and didn't see anything.)

EDIT: And if anyone would like to make it a little easier for me to spot them, feel free to PM me with your FB account so I can add you or go "Oh...that's their LJ name..." or a daily_lolita page or two or something, as well as name/nickname I should yell out haha...  Hopefully my contacts will be here in time so I can see people's faces...I might be blind, so if someone spots me first, don't be shy, just yell out "Candy!" or come talk to me.