March 13th, 2011

Did your donation really reach Japan?

 Hello ladies, I stumbled upon this article yesterday and thought everyone should be aware of where their donations are really going.!5781182/did-your-donation-really-reach-japan-probably-not

Any ideas? >_< I really hope that Japan receives help from everyone but..

(For those who can't load the website, the contents are under this cut)
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What did you wear this Winter?

I know Winter is just about over, but I'm a bit sad/strange in that I've already started worrying about next Winter!! I bought some moon boots (cheap on eBay because Winter is over!), hoping they'd go ok with Lolita, I quite like them but would appriciate opinions. Also, what footwear and outerwear did you wear this Winter?

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Japan Aftermath

Sorry for posting about Japan again,.. my cousin sent me this link showing the amount of destruction from the Tsunami:
You scroll over the image and it shows the before and after...

I was watching a lot of the live footage on youtube, but seeing it in different ways gives it a big perspective.
All the people on youtube are lucky.. they're still alive to post.
Entire suburbs are gone..

Being from midland U.S. I've never seen disasters caused by water. I didn't even know it could float away houses like that.

Circle lens and wig review ♪♫

Hi there, recently I got my wig order from Fantasy Sheep (through a group order) and my circle lenses from Geo-Lens House, and so I would like to share my experiences with you lovelies~ I know a bunch of you are probably wondering about legitimate places to buy lenses, and maybe some of you have been eying Fantasy Sheep's lolita wigs... so here! ♥

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Japan Tohoku Earthquake 2011 Compilation Post

I felt it was a good idea to combine all the news we in EGL may find relevant regarding the Japan earthquake/tsunamis. Hopefully this will help you keep tabs in EGL-related news regarding the situation, as well as help you figure out how to help, what to do, and keep informed, whether you live in or out of Japan right now. Please submit anything important you find!


  • Be very careful in reposting/reblogging/retweeting pieces of sensationalist information that do not have a reliable source. This causes more panic and confusion, especially for foreign people in Japan who cannot speak the language as they rely on translated news into English and other languages, the update speed of which is very slow compared to the Japanese updates.

  • Do not believe things like death rumours, donation rumours, etc. If it has no reputable source besides a gossip site or Twitter hashtags, it's fake.

  • Be careful when donating - lots of charity scams are shooting up right now. A reputable list of major charities is listed below.

  • If you are still looking for people, try Red Cross Intl. Family Links and Google Crisis Response/People-Finder.

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Again, extra sources, links, photos, and whathaveyou, always welcome and I'll add it to this post when I can.