March 12th, 2011

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FYI: infos on lolita brands, models, etc... post-disaster

I've been checking brand blogs a lot today.
If you're in Japan or doing business with a shopping service to acquire items at the moment, please note that due to the rotative power-shortage program that the government put in place yesterday to save on energy (because of the nuclear centrals having problems and a lot of refineries having caught fire and all since Friday), a lot of shops will be closed or having shorter business hours.

Putumayo informs us that the Yokohama VIVRE is closed temporarily.
However, their Tenjin store in Fukuoka prefecture will still be celebrating their 4th anniversary

LaForet stores are either closed or shortening business hours, check their blogs for more infos.

Angelic Pretty informs us that this caused them to close a few of their their locations: Tokyo, Yokohama, Omiya, Utsunomiya and all those in Kanto region .
The Nagoya store is open and they wish everyone a good White Day!
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Meta is suspending their operation in Shinjuku & Harajuku and notifying everyone that you have to expect delays in delivery due these extraordinary conditions. They are mentioning that Rakuten-based online store will not be operating for a while due to all delivery, postal and related (including Kuroneko) services being stopped in: Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima and Ibaraki regions. However, they still went on with the launch of the new Crown Label series "Forest Talk" (or something similar, my Japanese is kind of limited) in other parts of the country and it can be seen at: or or

The brands recommend to locals that you call their store to check on their daily business hours before showing up to a closed door!

Misako-chan is providing a lot of health-related infos on her blog to help stranded survivors deal with their physical condition and all. (all in Japanese, sorry! )

Sugizo is also providing useful informations for people in Japan to know on his Facebookみんなへ/136194119783571

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If you have any other "check-ins" you would like to share with us, please do, I'll try to keep the list updated

~worrywart Dark§unMoon

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Let's get together for a cause!

In sight of current events I've decided not to sit and watch, but to help out those who need it now. I'm starting a charity, all funds from which will be directed to organizations helping the victims of the earthquake in Japan. Please follow the banner for details and, if you like, spread the word. Thank you for your attention.
UPD: A set of links where you can spread the word and help with only a click of the button.
Tumblr DeviantArt

A word from your Mods - Please help Japan!

Hello lolitas,

I'm sure you're all aware of the earthquake / tsunami that's hit Japan. The mods would like to encourage everyone to help or donate in any way they can.

We are a community of 17,000+ members, if each of us donate $1, that's $17,000 we are donating to the relief efforts, which can help provide aid, food, supplies, shelter to those who need the help.

We would ike to encourage everyone to donate to their favorite relief charity but in case you don't have one in mind, here is a list of well known, reliable charities to donate to (thanks drahtpuppe )

This isn't in any way a requirement, but the thought of 17,000+ lolitas uniting together to affect change in the world puts a smile on our faces.

If you've donated, please let us know how much using this poll- we would like to keep track of the efforts. Also, if you know of any other reliable charities within your locale, please comment!

EDIT:  As of 142 participants, we have raised $4,418 usd! Let's keep going!

EDIT 2: This turned out to be a post about donations so we're going to try and inform everyone as best as we can:

If you are scared about where your donations are going:

- You can donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross

- You can use this site to help you understand how charities spend their money(thanks shincaru)

Donating to a charity is your choice so please make it an informed one!

Poll #1716973 Donation Efforts

How much have you donated?

Which charity / relief fund?


lolita dresses at a wedding?

does anyone else follow rock n roll bride? i was pretty startled to see this posted earlier! do any of you know the girls? it looks like the one on the right might be an actual lolita, whereas the one on the left's peeking petticoat leads me to believe otherwise :D hahaha

it's pretty cute though, and definitely fitting for a candy-themed wedding!!

here's the link, if you want to see more!

Binding- Does it work?

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but it has been eating at me for a while now.

I have a larger than average chest-size for a Lolita (100cm or 40inches). Some places seem to have dresses that go up to that size, but often the fit is quite tight and there is not much wiggle-room, so to speak. I am not a plus size lolita, but the my chest size makes it incredibly hard for me to get comfortably fitting blouses, jsks and ops (skirts and such are fine; I have an average waist). It's come to the point now where I am considering compressors or binders.

But what I want to know is, do they actually work or do they just create a uni-boob? If they do work, how much do they shrink you down? Are they worth it?


H-help me please?
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