March 11th, 2011

St Patrick's Day Clothes (And other holidays')

I'm still new to lolita but with St Partricks day coming up I thought I'd ask.
Christmas and Easter theamed outfits are a plentiful but I was wondering about other celebrations.
I'm Manx so apparently we also celebrated St Patrick's day for the same reason as the Irish.
Anyway, has anyone ever done a lolita theamed holiday outfit? Even other celebrations such as Guy Fawks.
If you have done I'd love to see pics!

A little help for some newbs

My friend is getting her first dress, she's very new at Lolita, and I've been doing it for awhile. Though I still have things to learn.

Anyways, I have a question on necklines and blouses with JSKs.

The 3rd dress on this page, also known as her "Dream Dress", can you get away with not wearing a blouse with this?

And necklines...well, tell me what kind of neckline can pull this off I suppose. Not good at this asking question bit. >.<

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