March 9th, 2011

Baby x Macross Frontier Collaboration

Hi all~

I don't think it has been posted yet but I found this video about Btssb x Macross Frontier collaboration so I'm sharing it for those who are  curious bout it :)

The collaboration items are the dress she's wearing as well as a few other accessories that will be sold at the Btssb Shinjuku store until March 15th. The set costs 34,440 yen and apparently one of the characters wears this dress in the movie :)
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Question about BSBB ordering :)

Hello ladies!

Just a quick question. How long has Baby The Stars Shine Bright taken in replying to your email order? I know on the site it says to wait since they get lots of email orders. I placed an order 3 days ago and nothing yet so I was just curious as to how your past experiences have been. And yes, this is my first BSSB order :). Thank you all in advance <3
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How long do pieces stay in stock?

This may be a stupid question, but how long do new items usually stay in stock after they're introduced? Is there a set time or is it just a matter of demand? I'm talking specifically about AP's Sugar Pansy :P I don't know how long it's safe to hold off! Checked memories and searched already.
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Hello Kitty at Sephora!

Thought I'd give a sort-of heads up for anyone that doesn't know (I looked back and didn't see this posted already!)- Sephora has a new exclusive Hello Kitty cosmetics line in-store and online now, and a lot of the colors (and the containers/accessories!) are super loliable:

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(I apologize if this post somehow messes up, my Firefox is wigging out :S)
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Something I don't really understand about short skirts in Lolita.

I understand that a lot of Lolitas got into the fashion because they like the doll-like, demure, sweet, innocent, old-fashioned look that it has. So I get that by showing one's knees and thighs, a tall Lolita doesn't look old-fashioned anymore, because, by old-fashioned rules, showing the knee was "taboo" and socially unacceptable. I get that this could destroy the look, or the "illusion" of Lolita for some.

What I don't understand is when Lolitas actually seem to think it's WRONG for a girl to show her knees. So often I'll find that tall Lolitas are criticized and called "skanks", "whores", or, less offensively, just plain "indecent". Like a girl "shouldn't" show off her legs.

Now, as I said in the paragraph above, I understand that it could be considered "wrong for Lolita" - even though I disagree with that from a fashion-point of view, as longer legs are more flattering on some, but that's a different discussion - but I really don't understand how anyone young could take a moral standpoint over short skirts on adults when they've been socially acceptable for 50 years?! XD
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Are bloomers necessary?

 Hiya, egl! I just received my very first skirt and petticoat from Bodyline (I can't afford anything else. xD) a few days ago! I'm very happy with it and it's actually better quality than I had thought it would be, hearing all the bad things about bodyline. The lace on the skirt wasn't too shabby and it was soft! But while my friend and I were talking about lolita she noticed I didn't buy any bloomers. I told her that I didn't think that they were necessary, and that regardless if they were, I just don't have the money for it. But it has been bugging me, to be honest... I was just planning to wear little girly, white boxers over my tights since I didn't get the bloomers. But are bloomers really necessary? Lolita is expensive as it for someone like me, and to me, I can just wear some nice looking boxers over my tights rather than to spend money on some shorts. 

What do you guys think, egl? 

PS: when my friend and I have our loli tea party later this month I will take pictures to show you guys. :D

lolita related web stories

 hello dear lolitas,

i hope there hasn't been a post like this before but i didn't find anything in the momories.

lately on loli secrets someone mentioned he was sick of stories about lolitas on blogs and other websites. well, i'm not.i'm reading "The Lolita and the Gal" by Mana Starre ( ) and really love it. now i wonder if there are other stories concerning lolita fashion in the internet. if you could give me any links that would be very nice. maybe you have written something yourself?

i'd like to add: i'm not a native speaker so please excuse my mistakes in english. :)

good evening to everyone!

How are Lolitas perceived in Japan?

 I've been curious about this for quite some time. But for those of you who are living in Japan and are lolitas, how are they perceived there? Is it socially accepted? Is it a common sight or a rare sight? Are there any stereotypes? Does the mainstream know this style well?

I know Lolita originated there and it's been there longer, but what are they seen as?

Washing Merry Making Party

Hey there, I have a quick question:
Can I send Merry Making Party to the cleaners or would it be better to hand wash it?

I've already checked this post and it seems that most people suggest hand washing, but I'm afraid it'll bleed. Also, I'd love to get it pressed and since it's a print it should be ok right?

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
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