March 8th, 2011

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Pictures from this fashion event were brought to my attention because Yoshiki apparently presented it and Marilyn Manson was also randomly there, both of which interest me.

There was a Lolita among the models, and I thought I'd post the picture to see what this comm thought of the makeup... for me, PH3AR expresses it quite well. o___o I do very much like excessive makeup in Lolita, but either of the doll-like, or the fantasy-fashion variety. This makes me think circus. XD

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Announcing : Offical opening of Dressed to a Tea, a Lolita forum.

Hello to all.

I am please to announce that the Dressed to a Tea forum is officially open and accepting members!
Dressed to a Tea is a Lolita forum dedicated to discussion of the Lolita fashion.
From an extensive handbook section for those newer to the fashion to review and from general discussion to contest, our forum offers something for everyone. 

Please click on the banner to view the forum

We hope to see you there!

EGL Sales Community: Damaged Goods Policy

In light of many of the recent issues we've been having with the sales of damaged goods on the community, we'd like to introduce a new damaged goods policy. This is not meant to provide any major alterations to the rules, but is instead meant to supplement the rules and provide guidance in giving feedback and mediating situations in which damaged goods are sold.

( Damaged Goods Policy )
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Vampire Requiem again?

Hello egl~

I searched but didn't find anything posted about it, but I saw this today... (if it has been posted sorry, please delete!)

Apparently AatP are releasing the Vampire Requiem OP version (edit:online this time), but there are no pictures, so I suppose it won't be a reservation but direct order?

I remember seeing at Baby's latest fashion show, how much did it cost there? Was it available in red only?
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Brands and Pet Peeves! :D

Have you ever wanted to start your own brand? Ever just wanted to make your own print?
1.What  would you're name be?
2.What style would you be?(sweet, classic, punk, classic, mixed?)
3.What would your prices be like? :O (thats a big one)
4. What are some designs you have come up with on your own? :D

1.Not too sure.....
2.Mostly sweet but I wouldnt mind adding other styles! :D
3. Good quality for low prices (What if AP, BtSSB, etc. had low prices? A lot of people would be buying from them,right?)
4. Aquarium, circus, stars, care bears(my mom is working on one ^-^), ocean......

1. Brand snobs (we cant all pay $300 for a dress! :3)
2. Prices(<.< ugh)
3. When stars wear a dress then people like to think you are copying that star (-____-)
4.  When people think you mean the other Lolita. (oh my gosh! Does not  help when you are 14 and you wear lolita) >.<
5. When people say "DONT YOU HAVE TO BE ASIAN?!?!?!" -_______- (NO!) ^-^

Cherry Blossom Parade!

Hey guys!

If you are an American, especially one living by the Chesapeake Bay area, you are well aware that it is time to gear up for the celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival!  For the currious I have provided this link .

I grew up in the tri-state area, so it is a big deal for me as well.  Recent lurking has dug up some special news!  The Northern Virginia Lolitas are starting a tally of all that would want to be involved to BE IN the parade to represent ALL J-Fashions including LOLITA!

I live in AZ, but as one raised in the DC area I know full well the great potential being in the Cherry Blosson Parade in Lolita/Kei/Gyaruru/etc. (and doing it RIGHT) has!  It gives us the stepping stone to acceptance and awareness!

Below is the link to the comm post.  I would love to see this get off the ground and in my home state too!  HOW COOL!

Please help these girls not only get it off the ground but also make it more wonderful than could have ever been dreamt!
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Savoury vegetarian Lolita recipes anyone?

I'm not entirely sure that there's anything savoury about Lolita, but in case there is, does anyone have any ideas on cute looking foods that are suitable for vegetarians and have ingredients that are easy to get a hold of? I'm in the UK countryside, so please be mindful of that fact ^-^.
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Putumayo (and more brands) x Crypton VOCALOIDS collaboration

(roughly checked the log. sorry if it's a repost)
Seems there has been a rush of collaboration with various gothic/lolita brands.

Putumayo released the images for their Vocaloid 2 collaboration outfits.

Hatsune Miku:
Megurine Luka:
Kagamine Rin:

More collaborations with Metamorphose, Algonquins, Atelier BOZ, BPN/PN, MA, and Despair. Some images to come.

(Personally I'm kinda interested in seeing the Meta collab finished!)
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Yoyogi Meetup? ♥

I was wondering if any Tokyo lolitas wanted to meetup for a Yoyogi/Takeshita meetup sometime April onwards? We could meet up on a Sunday and picnic tea in the park and then go to a cafe on Takeshita Doori afterwards ♥ If any of you are Dolly we could go to the earthy Shibuya districts in Dougenzaka as well~

♥ Let's figure out a date/time!

Gosu Rori 36 patterns

Hello everyone!
I was wanting to make myself this cute poodle and teaservice totebag with help of Gosu Rori 36, but since I have no access to originals I don't have the patterns sheet. So I decided to draw (Vectorize) them in Illustrator. I am uploading it so you all can give it a try if you want to... it's really easy if you have the right shapes!
Hope this is useful!
Warm regards ;)

Poodle and Tea service

Oh! For the poodle, make little indents in the circles to make them look like small round clouds ;) I just didn't want to draw each one perfectly, it would have taken more effort hehehe
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