March 6th, 2011

harry potter

Hayao Miyazaki: Two Short Films

"Yado-Sagashi (House Hunting) (2006, 12 mins)
Mizugumo Monmon (Mon Mon the Water Spider) (2006, 15 mins)

Two short animated films by Japan’s legendary director and Academy Award winner Hayao Miyazaki are shown for the first time in the United States. "

I just bought tickets to this! Is anyone else going? are you going in Lolita if you do go? :D
MARCHEN, Snow White

Simple headdress idea

 Hello EGL!

Since the theme for this month is hair accessories, I thought I'd direct your attention to a relevant entry in my blog. It's a very simple idea for a handmade headdress, something easy and quick that you can make on a Sunday afternoon.

You can find the entry here.

Mary Magdalene shipping rates?

 Does anyone know the shipping rates from Mary Magdalene? Also, I have a number of other questions... 

1) What are some good, US based Lolita stores? I only know of Sweet Rococo. ^^'
2) What are some sites I can buy used Lolita wear from? I've always stalked closet-child, but they never seem to have anything that I want in stock. Any other sites like closet child?
Rose Quartz

Milanoo, won't you ever learn?

I went on the Milanoo website for some laughs today, and I found some terrible (yet entertaining) "stock".
Skimming through dresses alone, I found at least 10 stolen pictures from brand stores, definitely more. And those were just the ones that I'm sure of. I also noticed that they also have pictures of dresses taken off of what seems to be personal blogs, and I also noticed a model from Baby or AP, not sure which. Anyways, pictures of just a few of the many fails under the cut.

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Welcome to our new feedback mods~

We had some very good applicants, so thank you all for applying, but we've made the tough decision and I'm very happy to introduce our four new eglfeedback moderators:

kyrosis , sandorizu , rokusabarou  & bakames 

Let's give them all a warm welcome ^^ You should see them approving feedbacks and helping with issues on the feedback community. Remember, they are not sales or EGL moderators so do be sure to check each community's respective moderator lists to see who you should contact :) Thanks!