March 5th, 2011


BtSSB tea party (Paris) photos

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (Paris) hosted a tea party on February 25th to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be able to attend it while studying abroad for the year. Though I was very nervous at first (due to my limited French, and not knowing any of the attendees), I was able to meet lots of really friendly and beautiful lolitas!

I would like to share with you all, a selection of photos that I took during the event. Some of them are posted below, the rest can be viewed on my tumblr:

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Mysterious Bodyline e-mails

During the last week I've received two mysterious Bodyline e-mails saying:
Next time you order item,If you want know order item are have stock or have not stock.You can sent me your order list then we can check it.
Have a nice day
Thank you "

I haven't purchased anything from them recently, so I'm curious if anyone else might be getting these..?
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Where can I buy nice lace - help?

Apart from the prints, the lace is pretty much the biggest reason for buying brand in Lolita. But my gf and I are trying to make our own stuff, and we're in Germany, where shops pretty much have a "housewifey" selection of lace, being crappy cheap tulle lace or ugly bulky cotton lace.

Where can I buy lace that's nice and interesting, fine tulle lace, maybe with motifs, like AP and Moitié use? I don't quite expect the same quality as those bands, otherwise there would be nothing special about brand, but there's got to be better than what you get on everything in goth shops, curtains or underwear. ^^

Are there online shops? Or Tokyo sewing shops I could send an SS to? Anything else? Help?

Where to buy blue lace?

Hi egl!

I've been wanting to sew a dress for quite some time now, and since I love blue, I want it to be black with blue trimmings. But no matter where I look, I just can't find blue lace!!! >___< I'm looking for deep-blue lace, like "Moitié-blue" if you get what I mean, lol. Anybody know where I can find it? Both tulle and cotton lace is okay. :3

shopping service for (korea)

Hello Lolitas,

I found a pair of shoes I really really love at the website, but since I don't speak korean, I have no idea if they are shipping overseas, and if not, if there are any korean shopping services.

Is a korean lolita here who would be willing to help me get these shoes? It's this pair:

Many thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated!