March 4th, 2011


Picture request: Atelier Pierrot's Nutcracker Print

I can't find any photos that show the print very well, I know that the Rat King is on the left side and Clara is on the back and maybe the front. And I think there are little houses and/or cakes. Since I'm not a big fan of babydoll dresses I want to make sure I really like the print before I buy it.

Basically I'd just like some pictures which show what the print is; doesn't have to be scans, as long as it shows what the print is and not just that there is a print I'll be happy. :)

March's contest - Hair Accessories!

It's time to get crafty this month, with our new contest~

Contest theme:
The theme of this contest is to make your own hair accessory and submit it to us~! It can be any kind of hair accessory; Veils, bonnets, candy pins, plastic headbands, bows, roses, headdresses, something more crazy...anything! We'd also like you to show us the process of you making the accessory. Whether that's taking photos of your materials beforehand, or taking some during the entire process, it's up to you. Please don't feel put off if you aren't an 'experienced' crafter or seamstress; as well as item quality, we'll be judging on creativity, so just try your best!

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EGL Contest submission post - March

Please submit your entries here~!

For full details on this contest please check this post. This post is to submit your final entries - please be sure that you are happy with your submission as we won't accept second submissions! All entries must be recieved by March 31st, 2011 (midnight GMT) Comments on this post will be frozen after this date. Judging will commence some time after submissions have closed. All participants entries will be displayed along with the winner.

Please leave a comment with the following (comments are automatically screened):
-Your picture/s (please keep the image a good size, around 400 pixels wide. A link to it is fine.)
-Any additional comments you'd like to make, such as explaining your piece.
Thank you for taking part :D

New layout, themes and contest - March

A heated this poll this month, but we have a winner! Artwork this month is by szaloncukor . You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. Thank you for your submissions, and hope to see lots for April's poll. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post. Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post.

The General Theme for March is Lolita Locations.
Inspired by the banner artwork, this month we want to know what lolitas get up to when they're out and about! Share the low down on your favourite patisserie, some suggestions on ice-skating in lolita, your dream lolita holiday and everything in-between.

The Aesthetic Theme for March is Hair Accessories.
If it goes on your head, it's good to go. Tutorials, questions, photoshoots and illustrations admiring the world of lolita hair accessories are very welcome this month!

The Contest for March is Hair Accessories
Time to get crafty to win a prize! Please see this post for more details, and click here to submit your photo.
edward gorey skeleton

march aesthetic theme: waist-ties to head bow tutorial!

click the photo to see the tutorial on my blog!

This was my first tutorial so I hope you enjoyed it/thought it was useful! If you have any suggestions on what I could add to make it better, feel free to comment and give your opinion. Comment if you liked the tutorial, if you hated it, if you found it useful and want to try it, whatever. :)
heart, white, red, love

Doll Redone

Hey everybody, about a month ago I posted about an abandoned doll I had found on a loli shoot and wanted to fix up...

Anyone remember?
Well I've gotten done refurbishing her, just wanted to show everybody who saw the last post how she turned out. ^.^
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