March 3rd, 2011

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ANAHEIM CA, Bats Day Update 3/2/11 – Event Tix selling fast/Hotel info and more

ANAHEIM CA, Bats Day Update 3/2/11 – Event Tix selling fast/Hotel info and more

We are about 2 months away from the big weekend everyone. Are you ready? This is going to be a great year especially since this is year 13!

The following info is in the update:

- Ticket Packages 1 & 3 (Nightmare before Bats Day & Wake the Dead) are sold out.
- Ticket Package 2 (Bats Day Happy Haunts Swinging Wake) is still on sale + event info.
- Time is running out to book your room at the official 2011 Bats Day official hotel
2011 events
- Pre Sale for the 2011 Bats Day Shirt coming soon
- Discount Tickets to Disneyland are now available
- True Healing from Cancer for Valentina Moeur

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Once again thank you for reading this update.

~Stay Spooky
Noah K

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Bats Day in the Fun Park Weekend 13 - May 6-8, 2011
TICKETS ON SALE JAN 31 2011 only @

Friday May 6th, 2011
The Nightmare before Bats Day - Dinner

Saturday May 7th, 2011
The Bats Day Black Market (Free Admission)
The Bats Day Happy Haunts Swinging Wake: A Costumed Celebration

Sunday May 8th, 2011
Bats Day in the Fun Park: The Spooky Trip to Disneyland

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Quick Poll 2: What is your favorite Japanese Brand? (and last week's poll recap)

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About a year ago I conducted a survey to see what the favorite Japanese brand of the community was.

Last year, the top 3 favorite brands in order were:
  1. Angelic Pretty
  2. Alice and the Pirates
  3. Baby Stars
I'm doing it again this year to see what everyone's favorite brand is! Did AP decline? Did AaTP increase? Will Baby keep its third place spot?? We'll see!  And sorry lolitas, you have to choose one (I know, it's hard).

Note: The question is exactly the same with the exact same answer choices (just mixed up to reduce bias) in order to see trending.

Poll #1713080 What is your favorite Japanese brand right now?

What is your favorite Japanese brand right now?

Juliette et Justine
Alice & the Pirates
Jane Marple
Mary Magdelene
Moi Meme Moitie
Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Innocent World
Victorian Maiden
Angelic Pretty
Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Emily Temple Cute
Colorful Paris Windows

Parade Lolitas... GO!

Alright Ladies the DC National Cherry Blossom Festival is upon us. The parade's date this year is Saturday, April 9th, 10am to Noon. 

My suggestion to you is instead of just going to see the parade this year, and standing by the side-lines. Lets be the exhibitionists we are and APPLY TO BE IN THE PARADE THIS YEAR!! I just want to see a show of hands who would be able to make it out and willing to strut their stuff in their lolita finest! 

Here is a link to the Parade's website. I need to know as soon as possible that we'll be able to do it, I want at LEAST 10-12 people, more if you can make it out. ^_^ I really need to know by the end of the weekend, the end of next week at the latest, the form has to be mailed in with a color photo of our group, they also want descriptions of us and other information. 

I also want ideas if we should do anything else? Do we want to carry a banner? What should it say? Should we carry individual signs? Pass out flyers or candy? How should we walk, in a big mass or something more thought out? Does anyone want to ride a bike or carry balloons? Should we throw glitter and confetti? 

P.S. The parade IS the day before the md_grandeur Visionary Arts Museum meet up, so I hope everyone can make it to both. I didn't think about this great idea till about an hour ago, surfing the Cherry Blossom Festival website. ^__^

I'd also be delighted if any other Japanese fashion styles would like to be included. Like Takuya Angel, gyaru, or anything.

Beginners Blues (some questions)

 I'm new to lolita and have no idea where to buy proper things to build my wardrobe. I have been thinking of buy from bodyline since they seem to be the cheapest but I was wondering do they ever restock and dress in a certain color 

Heres the dress i want 
but they are out of of beige which would be the color I want
My second question is where go buy a proper petticoat  I thought of making one but that seeming risky because i do want a lot of poof.  
I found this one fanplusfriends and was wondering if anyone has ordered from there and if they had a good experience or maybe if someone even owns this petticoat. I would love some other suggestions to help with my petticoat/pannier probelms.

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Deka Wanko outfits

This is not another post to say "Hey! A show with a loli!" so please don't get irritated with me. I'm just wondering if anyone has any good quality screenshots or pictures of Wanko's outfits from each episode. I realize this is a long shot, but I am trying to document the outfits in each episode (where all the pieces come from) for a Deka Wanko community here on LJ, and I need good photos of the outfits to look at. Hopefully, it is alright for me to ask for help with this here seeing as this is a loli comm and her outfits are loli. Any help would be appreciated!
A Chipmunk

"Brand Quality"

I hear the term "Brand Quality" thrown around a lot here, especially when it comes to comparing things the community tends to rank lower (body line, taobao shops, etc). Recently, as I've been expanding my wardrobe, it's rather struck me as somewhat of an odd phrase.

In reality, I think we have a concept of 'this is what a name brand's quality is when it's at it's best' and then we idealize that in a way that makes it hard for something to compare, even if it (sacrilege!) is better quality than some brand items.

I would like to propose a challenge. Go to your closet, and look at your various things. Look closely at seams, lining, material quality. Look at the lace... but look more at the construction. We pay a lot for Brand dresses to have custom prints and good lace... but do we pay a lot for them to have straight seams? good hems? decent zippers? to be lined nicely?

I would be interested to hear the quality level of different things within a single brand, and across multiple brands. Throw your things from taobao, bodyline, anna house, etc in there too... I think in some cases, there might be a few surprises.

I'll review mine more extensively and add it in, but I don't want to influence anyone right off the bat with my findings. :3

I just wanted to clarify for a moment. I'm not up on a soapbox preaching the evil of brand, nor am I preaching that brand isn't worth the price.

Price is a complicated things. With name brand items, you pay for custom/quality materials, limited availability and notability. I'm not disputing that at all.

What I am disputing, I suppose, is that all brand clothing is created equal as far as quality of construction goes.

The flip side of that argument then, is when does construction dip below what is acceptable to be expected.

The reason I wanted people to really LOOK and compare, is because if they have any of those border-line brand items, it's highly possible that they may have off brand items with equal or better construction.

My point isn't that off-brand is made better, my point it that it looks like we assume that brand is all made to the same perfect level, and off brand is all made to the same terrible level.

It's rather disappointing then when you pick up a brand item, and it isn't perfect. That's what I want to know, honestly. Are all your pieces the same quality? Does brand A construct things somewhat better than Brand B?

Right now, going by my closet, from best construction to worst, I've got:
Baby / Infanta
Bodyline / Dear Celine

I have lousy Baby pieces. I'm curious if it's just mine, or does the brand as a whole have a certain quality level. (and I'm NOT knocking Baby, I'm just saying the pieces that I have are that way; it is what it is.) On the other hand I have amazing IW pieces, but I could have been lucky.

I'm wondering which brands people have above and beyond things from, and which they have below things from, because I only have 10 brand JSKs and a handful of skirts and blouses to compare. Not a large sample group.