March 2nd, 2011

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Scent of Rapunzel

Hey girls, for all of you who were successful with reservation, after the confirmation email has anyone received shipping/payment invoice from Baby yet? I've never reserved before so I'm not sure how long it takes them but it's been about 5 days.  

news on brand releases?

hi everyone. :)

i don't keep up with brand releases and i usually only see the ones that are posted by people on this community. i looked and found that the news lolita account was purged. is there another lj community or personal lolita blog that shows the new clothing releases? i'm looking for a site that does not do just angelic pretty updates or just victorian madien updates, but a broad range of labels. thanks. :) 
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Cheap wigs and wig cap question

This is the first year I'll be going to Acen and I'm looking to buy 2 wigs, one for a lolita outfit and another for a cosplay. I'm probably going to be buying the white wig I need from Fantasy-Sheep Coswig Land on eBay. However, I'm debating where to buy the other wig (which will either be black or pink :P).

To be honest, I don't wear lolita that often, just to conventions. And I go to 1-2 conventions per year at the moment. So I don't have the urge to spend $60 on a wig that might not get used even once per year, depending on what outfit(s) I choose to wear. Fantasy-Sheep's wigs are decently priced (I'm looking at the shorter bob styles as I don't look good in long hair). However, many of the other popular places to buy wigs, like Cosplay Wigs USA, either don't have many short style wigs, or are a little pricy for what I'm looking for. Now, obviously I don't want a $5-10 wig, because many times you get what you pay for, but something in the $30-40 price-range would be nice. I'm looking for some tips/advice on where to get some decent wigs for a little less money. I have been searching through the memories quite a bit, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask either. Sometimes people find decent wigs in the most surprising places, even Halloween stores. You never know!

I'm particularly curious about the wigs sold by eBay user comic-wig, who has 100% feedback (from 473 users). Anyone purchased from him/her?

I'm also curious if anyone has bought wig caps from Amphigory. I'm very worried about my wig cap hurting my head (as my darn headbands often do). I've read a lot about cutting a pair of tights/nylons and using them as caps, but I also heard Amphigory's mesh cap is pretty pain free, and am wondering if anyone here has used it.
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English Charm Petticoat Review

I have a positive (it won't sound positive at first, but trust me it is) review for English Charm! Please take a look under the cut! (Picture heavy)

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(On a side note: LJ did NOT want to upload these pictures into this post. I started typing this post yesterday afternoon and didn't finish it till just now. What gives LJ? Are the pictures too big?)

To Character Bento Aritsts in the NYC area

My dearest New York Area Lolita compatriots,

A colleague of mine is working on an article for the Japanese weekly magazine AERA on Character Bentos (or kyara-ben キャラ弁 in Japanese) designed and created by Americans living in the New York area.  She would like to interview and photograph several New Yorkers for the article, and since AERA is a very popular magazine in Japan this could be a really wonderful opportunity for you amazing culinary masters to show your skill!  If any of you are in to Character Bentos and would be willing to be interviewed, please PM me and I will give you her contact info.

I believe this will be a great opportunity to showcase your talent and will also be a good opportunity for positive publicity on Lolita Fashion!  Thank you in advance for your interest, and good luck!
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AP Sugar Pansy Sneakers?

So I've seen the photos AP has up on their website for the new Sugar Pansy series, but I heard mention they were also making sneakers! Their blog says everything will be released at their party at the SF store on the 6th, but I'm wondering if there are any photos online yet of said sneakers? I'm very interested in what they'll look like but won't be able to make their mini party.