March 1st, 2011

Lolita in Frankfurt (Main)

 Hello everyone. I remember some weeks ago, someone made a post asking about lolita places in Frankfurt, but I unfortunately lost that post and cant find it for the life of me >_>

I visit Frankfurt and the nearby towns from time to time, is such a lovely area, and since I plan on visiting again during easter, I would like to ask if the local lolitas have any suggestions on lolita friendly shops, tea stores and other places that you usually visit while in lolita. It would be great to share but since I understand that saying the same stuff again could be annoying, the link to that post would suffice too.

Thank you very much for your time!

Meta doing cosplay?

Meta has posted a something new on thier eng. site that makes me raise my eyebrow. They have come out with some samples of dresses based on the anime Macross Frontier ( ). I am not familiar with the anime so I don't recognize any of these outfits.

My questions are: Is this meta doing cosplay? Or are these outfit inspired by the anime? Love it, Hate it?

I'm on the fence with all of it. (I know this is a sample but...) All of it looks sloppy and very confused. Th first outfit would look cool if it was...I don't know...polished a bit up.
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Cutsew Picture Request

After wearing all my outfits for the 10/7 challenge, I realized how uncomfortable most of my wardrobe can be, and I want to look into items made of stretchy knit fabrics. I'm particularly looking for skirts and OPs/JSKs, but I wouldn't mind finding some really awesome cutsews either. This could be for sale or just outfit pics for inspiration, anything would be helpful!

You could post pics or just tell me where to look, I'm not at all sure where to start searching for this. Thanks!
gothic frills/Ciel Phantomhive

WCIB OTT sweet everyday accessories?

Dear fellow Lolitas, I have a question ^^

I've decided that I need a new wallet. My old one (a coffin-shaped one) is falling apart and stuff always falls out of it. So today I randomly found a fluffy one, but my gf told me it was ugly and looked like it was made out of roadkill, so I figured I should really just get an OTT sweet wallet. XD

But... I don't know where to find this! I'd like something that didn't just have cute pictures printed on it, but was actually covered in creampuffs and ribbon and frill and all that kind of stuff. And please no Hello Kitty! xD I'd also be interested in soft iPhone cases in this style!

So, do Chocomint do something like this, maybe? Or any shop that's on Taobao? I have a Taobao order going on anyway, I could still add to it at this point, so that might be cheap and convenient.

Help me bring some pastel sweetness into my everyday life XD