February 27th, 2011

The Trials Of A Newbie Lolita: Parents, Egad, Parents

Hi there! Does anyone care to help a little lost newbie in the world of lolita fashion?

~First and foremost, I am looking for lolita books/fashion magazines that can be bought off of Amazon. I have 35.00 in American money at my disposal and I don't have access to additional money. I'd like some books not only for personal enjoyment, but to appeal lolita fashion to my parents. I am fifteen and they have a large say over how I spend my meager income, so I am hoping that if they read a particularly persuasive lolita book, or thought that a certain dress in a fashion magazine was pretty, then we could find some sort of common ground.

I would purchase the Gothic Lolita Bible, but I am afraid that the anime/manga based cover would turn off my parents. I don't want them to think that I'm only interested in the fashion because I was influenced by anime/manga. I believe if they felt this way they would be more inclined to say no.

Also, a friend advised me that I shouldn't call lolita fashion "lolita" right off of the bat only for it's "negative association", but I'm not so sure. I disagree because I am proud and not at all ashamed of what I'm interested in (go, go, lolita!), plus I hate beating around the bush. But said friend, who is familiar with my rather strict parents, believes that the term and it's misconceptions would be detrimental to my case. My parents are very quick to jump to conclusions, so I suppose I could understand where she's coming from...what do you guys think?

Any advice in regard to convincing my parents is much appreciated. C:

Thank you!


PS) The styles I'm most interested in dressing are Aristocratic and Classical Lolita, along with a little Punk Lolita, but the book/magazine can cater to any style of Lolita and I'll be happy. Also, if anyone has any brand recommendations, please let me know! <3 

Jam Thumbprint Cookies-Recipe

I made these cookies 2 days ago to take over to a friend's house, and they were a hit! I thought they'd be great for lolita meet-ups because they're miniature (one bite-type cookies) and super-cute. This may be a bit OTT, but you can also color coordinate them by changing what flavor of jam you put in the middle! Recipe and photo below cut:
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Glacée: An upcoming Lolita magazine

For the past few weeks a group of fellow Lolita bloggers, seamstresses, artists, crafters, and general Lolita enthusiasts have been working on setting up a new and upcoming magazine named Glacée that will be all about the Lolita style and living elegantly. Glacée will be aimed at all the different styles of Lolita from Classic to Sweet to Gothic and even Lolita's sister styles like Steampunk, Mori Girl, and Dolly Kei, so there will hopefully be something for everyone! Our magazine's full title is Glacée: A Maiden's Primer because we hope to capture some of the innocent romance that early GLBs featured with our magazine.

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If you want to know more, including submission information, check out our blog! We'll be featuring the occasional question or poll for you to participate in that might be featured in the upcoming volume.

If you're curious who's working on the magazine, check out our About page. I'm definitely not the only one! I'm just being the spokesperson for this post!