February 26th, 2011

Question o_O Angelic Pretty Sewing Patterns.....?

 Uhh hey I just wanted to double check something.
I was talking to a girl yesterday and she said she had Angelic Pretty bloomer patterns. I'm a little confused. Where can you get AP patterns? O_o"
but what confused me most is that i don't even use a pattern to make my bloomers...
perhaps i should just ask her for the source later :)
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How to tie a Bow Scarf/Tie/etc.

Upon the reaction to someone asking about tying bows on the waist, I finally mustered up the confidence to post a tutorial on how to tie bows in general to attach to horizontally or vertically oriented things. (i.e. attaching a bow to a hair-tie/clip would be horizontally & tied as a scarf or on a tree trunk would be vertically)
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Better pictures and examples of it finished to come eventually here !

Parasol shipping costs ?

 As you all know, Baby starts taking reserves for their new parasols on the 28th and I might be interested if the shipping costs aren't too high. That brings me to the question : does anyone know how much Baby charges to ship a parasol to Europe ?

Thanks in advance, ladies. <3