February 24th, 2011

I'm new :D and~ FB lolita store!

Hello and welcome me.  :D  I just joined Livejournal, solely for this community I might add, which I have been stalking for a bit hahah. >:3~  I've been into Lolita for 3- 3 and half years and have been doing my best to dress the style, though I am a poor little college student like many hahah.  >3<  Sewing has helped.  Sewing is great people, it's awesome!  ::::D  

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I'd also like to share with you an online Lolita store that sells dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, through none other than FACEBOOK.  It is amazing.  I have almost bought from there myself but money issues have always gotten in the way at the end each time.  Anyway, here is a link if you are interested.  ^^


You may have to add them first to see they're things, for I'm not sure, but I highly reccommend.  From what I've read of others comments and reviews, they've all been very pleased with their items and have all received them in due time.

Now from what I have read from the girl who operates this page, the dresses are replicas and such made by Dream of Lolita.  A lot of the dresses are shown in pictures with descriptions showing the prices and measurements of the dresses, and almost all of them can be...
CUSTOM SIZED!  Yay!  :D Perfect for those of us whom are descended straight from the towering Amazonian beanstalk women and those who can't fit into those darned tiny sizes of brand.  >.<  I have never worn brand but I am QUITE sure my dress would not reach below my bellybutton (though that may be a slight exaggeration).  Plus, if you find a dress on a taobao shop such as Classical Puppets or Surface Spell, for example, that is not shown in the pictures, just ask if it can be made.  ^^  Chances are, it can from what I've seen.  :D  

Also, the girl who manages this page is VERY friendly and patient, and though you may have to wait a bit to receive a reply to your question, she is very thorough and friendly and will answer any concerns or questions you may have.  

Anyway, I am very happy to be joining this community and hope to further my knowledge and my experiences with Lolita fashion and all of you girls whom represent it so beautifully.  

Till next time :D ~

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The making of..?

Hey EGL!

I was wondering, do any of you know how the AP designers go about making the illustrations for their prints?

Like, what kind of template or guidelines they use? What sort of process/creative development they go through?
I saw that Maki and Asuka visit at some US locations.. and would love to pick their brains as a fellow artist, but I'm in Canada lol.
Have any of you asked them about their work? Do any of you know, generally speaking how it's done? I'm super curious!!

I'm also asking because I've been asked to design a print for a JSK, and have thought of doing some on my own time as well, but I don't even know where to start :/ Just doing a drawing and slapping it on seems.. not right haha.

My dA is here if you are curious :3


Question about ordering from Fan+Friend / Cart

I searched the memories and fanplusfriend-tag but found nothing that helped me.
I'm trying to order these bloomers from FanplusFriend, without any alterations. I added them to the shopping cart and clicked on "Proceed to Checkout" on the following page, then "Checkout with Paypal". I logged in on Paypal and was shown the details of the bloomers, my address and stuff, and the button to pay&finish the order. I cancelled the order at that point.
The problem is that I was never told how much shipping I will have to pay. I looked it up in their info, but I don't know how much my package will weight, so I'm still confused.
My question is: When will I be told to pay the shipping? Obviously not with the price for the order, because then, it would appear on the aforementioned pay&finish page.
Aditionally: This page says "Shipping cost is automatically calculated in checkout page", but it isn't (If I didn't miss something).
I hope you can understand my problem & help me.

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Looking for a dress

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for information on this dress by Atelier Pierrot-

bigger -

It was part of the fashion show during the Japan expo in Paris 2010. I checked hellolace but
a) either their search function isn't working or b) I don't know how to work their site.

If you have any pictures of it such as; stock pictures, magazine scan, glb scan, etc , it would be greatly appreciated. And information such as price, name, and fabric content.

Please < 3

Thank You

Call for assistance!

Hello, my fellow lolis! I have a favor to ask of all of you. I'm in the process of putting together a panel for a convention my college is doing - it's an introduction to Lolita, and I'm planning on covering the basics on the many styles, the components of a good outfit, where to buy the clothes, and where to go for more information. I'm wondering if there's anything else I should cover as well - and this is where you come in. If anyone has any ideas for other things I should cover, please let me know.

Also, I was wondering if people would be willing to contribute pictures for me to use as part of my presentation. Artwork, photography, anything is fair game and everything will be given credit. (Whatever doesn't get used in the Powerpoint presentation will likely be assembled into a slideshow that'll run while people are coming in)

I'm so very excited for this! :D It's the first year for Bear-Con, and I'm hoping we get enough people to come so that we can do this next year.