February 22nd, 2011

Warmer months

Hello lovely ladies!
I have a question that I would like to ask which I have been keeping for a while now. I hope this is not ridiculus! I have read quite a lot about winter and lolita and keeping warm, bt¡ut there are a few things that I can't help but ask myself:

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A friendly heads up!


I thought you lovely ladies (and gents) might be interested to know that Uniqlo's I Love Milk collaboration with MILK designs has gone on sale as of this morning. You can check out the various styles here, though keep in mind the price points at $9.99 for the basic tees, and $14.99 for the longer, tunic styles. I work at the US store, and I know we're sold out of the rabbit graphic tee, and a few of the tunics, but there's still some fantastic stuff available.

Disclaimer - While I do work for Uniqlo/Fast Retailing USA, I don't make any commission off of I Love MILK sales, or anything like that. I just spotted them on our merchandising list, and thought I'd let you all know since it really is cute stuff.

Oh, and also, because I'll totally forget. We don't really do internet sales in the US, however you can email the customer orders department at customer.orders@uniqlo-usa.com. There's also more information here. And sorry, but I'm not really familiar with the practices at our stores in Europe or elsewhere.

Take care!

AP's Milky-Chan Print

I really, really adore Angelic Pretty's Milky-Chan print.
There's only one problem...I have a huge bust. I mean. It's big. Everything has to be custom made for me, and I really want this dress.
So, is there maybe a replica of it somewhere that can be in a custom size? Because I know there's Wonder Cookie and Fantastic Dolly in replicas and those are made in custom sizes, but I have yet to see a Milky-Chan one. I'm also relatively new to Lolita so I'm not so knowledgeable about where to find such things. Help me please? 

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If you had your own brand...

...what styles would you use and what kind of prints? Would you perhaps create new sub-styles? And what would you name your brand?

(Seriously, which loli doesn't dream about this sometimes?)

Edit: I think I'd name mine Arbiter Elegantiae and among the first prints make a Quo Vadis-themes set as a homage to Petronius.
Crop circle

Lolita (and morigirl) on the BBC!

The BBC is doing a series called 'Hotter than My Daughter', featuring fashion-concious (and some might say inappropriately dressed) mothers who have modestly-dressed daughters. Somewhat unsuprising then, is that one girl featured is a fan of lolita and (apparently primarily) morigirl fashion. She appears from 3 minutes in onwards. Also featured is a look into Camden market's plethora of lolita replicas (including Royal Poodle, Meta Popping Balloon, and Milky Chan).

Watch it here!

Opinions? Personally I think although the show (particularly the daughter herself) puts morigirl and lolita into a good light, the premise of the whole thing is kind of wrong. She seems so sweet and modest, and her mum, as well as the hosts, seem to be a ridiculous amount of pressure on her to dress 'normal', wear make-up and be interested in boys. The focus of the program seems to be encouraging her to get confidence through dressing more maturely. But it seems a warped approach when she admits her lack of confidence comes from 'being the odd one out, liking Disney princesses instead of Playboy stuff'. Surely telling her it's not ok to be herself is only going to exacerbate that isolated feeling? :(

Anyway, it's definitely worth a watch!
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