February 21st, 2011

Moscow St. Valentines Day meet-up photos

This Saturday we had meet-up dedicated to St. Valentine`s Day. It was organized by Gothic&Lolita festival (which I am honored to present) and Kawaii-J Club.
We spent time at nice cafe. All guests could take part in lottery with small prizes, vote for "the best look of the meet" and get different surprises during the meeting.
There were not only lolitas, but also some people who like japanese culture in general and japanese guests who told us about st. Valentine`s Day traditions in Japan.

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Question about Closet Child

I know this may seem like a bit of a stupid question, but I've always wondered what all the little banners on top of closet child mean.  They're in picture format, so my translator doesn't work on them.  here's a pic for reference Collapse )

More specifically, what http://closetchild.ocnk.net/page/2 this page is referring to.  Of course, I don't want a long, detailed explanation of each one, just a general summary of what they have to do with the store. 


Taobaobuying not replying to orders?

 I've used TBB twice for orders and they've always been very quick with their replies. On Friday I sent in an order for 2 dresses and 2 wigs and haven't heard back at all. It's never taken more than a day to get a reply before. And I checked their news and they aren't on any holidays. Have any of you guys that use them gotten a response to orders/emails?
Marby drawn Kyra

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Quick question; hopefully not too stupid but I've searched around and haven't found anything.

People living in Japan etc, do you know if you can still use paypal when buying from Baby (as a foreigner) even if you're shipping to a Japanese address?

Moon Afternoon (indies brand) review

I noticed that people have talked about Moon Afternoon here before. I recently bought some things and wanted to make a short introduction/review. Moon Afternoon is a small indies brand located in Japan. Their clothes range from Classic Lolita to Pink House style. The designer also creates smaller versions of her clothing designs for dolls like Blyth through the label Berry Berry Tea Time.

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About buying from Moon Afternoon, I'm trying to help the designer set up a way to sell to people overseas. If you are interested in purchasing their clothes or doll clothes in the future, please leave a comment here. Even if you aren't, please tell us what designs you think are cute!

Moon Afternoon is a one woman operation so she only opens for a limited amount of orders every couple of months. The next time she will take orders will be in May because of the various sales events that are going on in the months in between though she does have a webstore for the doll clothing set up.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful for you! If you need more information, please let me know!

Pen pals

 Hey I'm new to this site and to Lolita and I've been searching and was wondering if anyone else on here was looking for a pen pal. I hope i'm not the only one haha! There isn't much lolita related stuffs and or lolitas in my area that I know of. So it'd  be nice to meet some new people, and make some new pen pal friends!