February 20th, 2011

Newbie Lolita in Savannah

hello my name is 'Guanda but my friends call me Lala or Loli as in lollipop. I am a newbie Lolita, who has no Lolita clothes what so ever.  I was wondering if anyone will give me tips on how to get started.  

I know bout some stuff and I would like to make some of my own. Also are there any Lolitas near the Savannah area, where I'm living at due to my father being stationed here. Yes I'm an army brat, and hopefully I'll become a Lolita brat. 
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Innocent World Review: Victorica Short Boots

When shopping for these boots I had trouble finding reviews for IW boots, so I would like to share my experience with them, especially regarding the accuracy of the color and sizing.


This is for the Victorica Short boots from here:

I am also looking for an opinion about whether the enormous, oversized calves look stupid on me.

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Loli - Little red rid(d)ing hood
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February theme + A photoshoot

Hello everyone! This months theme is super cool and I wanted to participate

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I actually wore the last outfit for a photoshoot today with my boyfriend
We visited a park we live right next to since it's been snowing for the last week and the nature is beautiful!

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I hope you enjoyed my post
Mark Ryden
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Cat prints!

Hello lovely lolitas! :)
I'm currently looking for some lovely prints with cats on them, ones similar to vanilla-chan, aristo kitty and things like that.
I haven't had much luck in finding any, and I was wondering if anyone knew some they could tell me about? It would be so lovely.
Thank you!
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