February 19th, 2011

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Australia Next Top Model & Tokyo Kawaii TV; TOKYO KAWAII TV EDITION

 Way back in September 2010, we saw 4 top models strut their stuff in Japanese Street Fashion. I think there were 3 separate post of the subject ( here is the original) (here another post about it).  Eventually the hype died down and we moved on. I'm here today to give you guys The Tokyo Kawaii TV side of that experience!

This 2 part collaboration series aired September 25 2010 & October 2nd 2010 in Japan. There are no subs on the episode but Tokyo Kawaii Ect does provide a rough outline of what is going on so it makes it very easy to understand!

We get to see a lot more of Misako too! Including some of her Fan Mail, her working as a nurse & the little problem that arose with Kelsey's height & oh her little "I feel like lil bo beep" comment. In the second part we find out what place lolita was in......let just say Im not a happy camper 

Here are more details about Misako in the episode thank [info]xelyna  

She also add a little opinion at the end
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You can view both parts
here. Enjoy!

Shoes in Harajuku?

Where would be cheapest store to buy lolita shoe in Harajuku?

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I'm going to Japan for a school trip and we have an allotted time for recreation. I'm going to shop at Laforet in Harajuku so it would be convenient if it was close to there.
Thank You,
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Review: Boguta Dress + Opinions needed!

I've been browsing around Taobao lately and have finally decided to order a lolita dress from Boguta to be used for my prom (yes, i shop super early for prom cause i'm usually a mess when the date arrives) because it was love at first sight  I just felt like a needed to rave about how happy I am with the dress ♥

Also, I need more opinion on the dress and if I should really wear it for prom.

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