February 18th, 2011


Can you help me find this Rakuten store?

Someone on EGL once directed to a Rakuten store that was famous for selling adorable hair accessories. They were sort of Gal but had big headbows, fuzzy headbows, and a TON of rose and flower hair clips in their yukata section. (It's not Chocomint, lawl)

Does anyone know what store this is? Thanks!


Picture Request: Out of the ordinary lolita

Hello! =D

As the title says I'm looking for pictures of lolitas dressed out of the ordinary! I'm really interested in seeing coords that don't blend in with the rest, but still follows the rules enough to be considered lolita. It can either be handmade outfits, offbrand outfits or brand, all coordinated in an unpredictable and/or in an experimental way! Everything is welcome! =3

I'm mostly asking this for inspiration, but it might be I will use the pictures for something too. If I do, then of course I will ask for permission from the owner first. =)

I hope someone can help. Thank you!
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Angelic Pretty: Sugar Pansy

I know someone previously uploaded a post about a new AP print (that wasn't food), but the print itself was being censored since it wasn't an official AP post. Well, AP has finally uploaded official pictures on their website! By the way, this has already been uploaded on angelicpoodle, but I thought I'd just share it here for the benefit of those who're not on there. C:
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Red hair

Lace question

Cross posted to Sew Lolita.

Okay, so I know that high quality lace is a must. However, I keep seeing mixed suggestions on raschel lace. Some people say that it's right out, and I've seen others say that it's okay as long as it's not cheap and scratchy.

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