February 17th, 2011

Question About VR Online Reservation?

Hi there!

Quick question to the lolitas who recently reserved the Vampire Requiem Re-release online: Did anyone receive the invoice total including shipping? I only received a confirmation email but no other emails about when or where to send the payment. I also sent them an email a day or two ago to ask and they never replied.

I've bought from AatP before and got an insta-reply for the total including shipping. I checked my spam/trash folders too. Nothing :C So please let me know if anyone contacted you! Thanks <3

Creamy Soda Pop close up?

Does anyone have a closeup on the Creamy Soda Pop print by Baby? Specifically in black, but I'm fine with anything else. I'm thinking about buying it, but with Hellolace and lolilibrary down, I don't really have the ability get a good look at it or learn the measurements of the dress.

Looking for the lolita spotted in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands !

Yesterday, 16 february, I was on my way home from school and I spotted the very first Lolita I've ever seen.
I saw you on the subway platform.
I was so excited and I tried not to stare at you, but I thought you looked gorgeous !
I'm not sure, but I think you were wearing a IW-esque orange JSK.
Sadly, I wasn't wearing Lolita as I'm relatively new and still building my wardrobe. xD
You really made my day, so thank you ! <3

Does Wonder Party replica exist?

I've tried to google but didn't see any. Tons of AP replicas everywhere but no WP. Does it even exist? I'm especially looking for the mini sleeve JSK and the skirt. It seems a popular print and I often see it in sales. Help? (I'll buy it anyway when I have money, but I'd be satisfied with a good quality replica, especially because I want the JSK in 3 and the skirt in 2 colours.)

Can't find shoe tutorial in mems :( Please help!

My google fu sucks and I can't find this particular tutorial in the mems. I think it was for a monthly theme last year( 2010) and it was over how to repaint shoes effectively. Someone did a lovely job on the repaint as well. I would dearly love it if someone found this tutorial-maybe saved it or something. I'll continue to look in the mems as well.

-Thanks in advance! :D