February 16th, 2011

Lime Crime

Hello ladies! Just a quick post-I follow "Do Deere's Blogazine," and her latest post is about a new lipstick line she's creating for her company "Lime Crime." No blatant advertising intended, but when I saw these colors they just SCREAMED sweet lolita to me so I thought others may be interested.

Pop Romance

I love the colors on my monitor, but I'm not sure I'd actually wear the yellow shade out and about, hopefully she'll post some model pics of it being worn. You?
yomiko book

The Bodyline Fruit Parlor Skirt

I was wondering if there is any other sizes for the Fruit Parlor replica skirt in existence other then the "Medium," as it's a known fact it runs on the small side (I've head mention of modding it). I already asked Bodyline_love and no one seemed to know if there's larger sizes for the skirt, so I'm still hoping for more info. I'm not a big fan of the OP however.

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Thanks. ^^
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Lolita Inspirations

I just saw this collection and thought I'd point it out to my fellow gothic lolitas.
Betsy Johnson came out with some Utterly lolita friendly pieces at new york fashion week.
My two favorites are 39 and 40!
Not to mention tons of inspiration with all the lace and luxurious fabrics being used.

If anyone is wondering the last half of the show with everyone styled up like Betsy was for her new collection. Everything is 100$ or less and the models were employees at her store. It's all old designs she's retooled to be affordable! None of that really fits in with lolita but it's fun to look at regaurdless. Also to see who pulled off looking like Betsy herself. XD

Lolita-inspired Rococo shoot from last Summer

I shot these pictures of taiofthedesert last summer, on castle grounds nearby. Her outfit is by Artifice Clothing. It's not entirely Lolita, but we both still felt that it had something of the spirit of Lolita, and looked like an outfit you might be able to find in the GLB. So I'm posting these here, for you to enjoy. ^^

rococo forest
by =Revelio on deviantART

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EGA Outfit spotted in Aqua music video

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a long time but I thought this might be slightly relevant to the community

Now I'm a child of the 90's (Well.. born in 89, close enough) and while listening to some Aqua for nostalgic purposes, I stumbled across one of their reunion singles, "My Mamma Said". I was pretty impressed, but I also noted that Lene was wearing a rather EGA outfit (it's a mourning outfit, I know) including a headdress and everything. It's not 100% perfect, but quite close for something mainstream.

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Colorful Paris Windows

Katsucon 2011 Meet Up

Katsucon 2011 Lolita Meet Up and Swap Meet
Brought to You By fishiesg0pook  and meowkittyzombie 

Lolita meet up and swap meet, for lots of pictures and fun lolita friendship.
Do not feel obligated to bring something to the swap meet.

Saturday the 19th 4pm-5pm

Where?  KATSUCON http://www.katsucon.com/, Washington, D.C. The Gaylord Hotel
We'll meet next to the 3rd floor gazebo, this is in the hotel section not the convention section of the building, and then most likely move to a less populated area as a group. If you think you may come late, PM me for my phone number and you can call or text me.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Or if you want, post what you may be bringing to the swap meet?