February 15th, 2011

Measurements for March of Duck belted skirt?

 Hello EGL!

Could somebody give me the measurements for Meta's March of the Duck skirt please? I noticed that there seems to be 1 skirt which is fully shirred and 1 which has a belt. I am looking specifically for the belted skirt measurements because I saw some pictures and it looks a little small. I am trying to get this print in white but I have only found the belted version so far. I wouldn't normally ask but I did try looking up the measurements and I couldn't find them anywhere. Can anybody help me?

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Want some opinions from egl_comm_sales sellers...

I've got an honest question for those of you, particularly sellers, who are active in the egl_comm_sales community. I've noticed that lately, it's become common for sellers to give the item to whoever provides their Paypal address first. I remember it used to be more common for the person who expressed interest first to be given first dibs. Well, things change. That's not my major concern - sellers can do what they please. My concern is that a surprising number of sellers are less and less likely these days to provide basic information in their sales posts, including shipping costs, measurements, and condition of the item, all factors that are extremely important to most buyers. So you have to ask the seller questions about the item(s), of course. Here comes the major problem with this - if you want to ask questions, chances are you're SOL, because someone is going to post their Paypal address before you find out the information you need. This drives me bonkers. I've lost out on a lot of items this way. But then I noticed something interesting, just in these past few weeks, really. I've been seeing a number of buyers including their Paypal address in their comments asking for more information so that the seller will hold the item for them, even though they have NOT committed to buying the item, or may not even be 100% certain they want it. Sometimes once they find out the measurements, etc, they'll pass on the item.

So my question is this - is it okay to do that? I haven't seen any sellers pitching a fit over this, but it strikes me as a little odd. In fact, the first time I saw someone do that, my initial thought was, "that's cheating! D:<" LOL. I thought the point of giving it to the person who posts their Paypal address first is so that you can sell the item - in other words, get your money - faster, instead of waiting on a potential buyer who may eventually pass on the item when there are plenty of other interested buyers ready to pay. So I'd like to get some opinions on this, because if it IS okay, you can bet I'm gonna start doing it! XD

Update: This has turned into a great discussion, guys! I'm so glad so many people are weighing in on this issue and exchanging thoughts and ideas. <3
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Angelic Pretty's international site: Shipping Cost Calculator

Ok soooo I'm on AP's website right now with 4 items in the cart... I click on the shipping cost calculator and fill in the details.

To send a 1500g package worth 39900 yen to Great Britain by EMS:

LOL WAT!? That's more than what the goods are worth! In fact that's higher than the cost to send a 30kg package to Europe. I don't geddit.

EMS website says it's 3,700yen to send a 1500g package to Europe so wtf is this nutty estimate about? I've had a previous order from AP cost 3900yen to send 3 items which I was expecting for this...
If I go back to filling in the details and put that the package is worth 1 yen then the estimate is 4001JPY and from the table on the JP stores' customer information page here the total comes to 4350yen which sounds a bit more sane taking into consideration packaging costs, service and insurance.

Should I just ignore this bizarre calculator and hope that if I send the order then I will be charged 4350yen normally according to the JP stores' information page??

Gah confused and scared... If anyone else is seeing this sort of weird quote too I hope someone can answer and put our minds at ease..

PS I have tried the search function and not found an answer...

Answer: It looks like the goods plus shipping totaled! That makes so much more sense and I guess I was just being a bit slow!! But hey, I'll keep this post up incase anyone else gets the same confusion!

Update! If you're getting an unusual figure quoted like this it is the total of shipping and the goods.. Carry on through the cart as usual and the quote will change to tell you the charges seperately :)
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Deaf Lolis...ASL & NS

I'm been working on a sign language learning program which is going to include an unit on sewing & loli terms . all the stuff that " makes it go " has already been worked out. now its time to start adding the signs.

I need any  loli who wants to help and/or be featured in the software to contact me. 

also need deaf lolis or at lest lolis who know ASL to check behind me to make sure booth  the animated and live action videos are correct and useing the most common sign. 

There is no official  ASL sign for lolita or at lest not the fashion. so, I'm going to include the NS for lolita . but i have no knowledge  of NS so, if any one knows the NS for lolita please show me.

I'm also looking for deaf Goths for a later unit.

you can post here but face book is the fastest way to contact me  http://www.facebook.com/undeadthreads

also not lolita related but  the 1st unit finger spelling should be out the end of march. if any one wants to help test it before I post it for the public.