February 13th, 2011

Question About Last Week's VR Online Reservations

Hello! I just had a quick question about last week's Vampire Requiem reservations on Baby's webshop.

I was wondering if anyone else had received their shipping quote/manual follow-up email (the second one after the auto email) for the reserve? It's my first time ever reserving on the webshop and I've not yet received that second email, so I wasn't sure if it was normal for them to take this long with the follow-up, or if this is just a result of high volume, or if I'm missing something.

On that same thread, Baby states on their site that the deadline to pay after reserve is seven days, and somewhere else on the site they state ten days. Does anyone know which information is correct, and if the deadline starts from the time of reservation (last Thursday) or from the time they send you the total with the shipping quote?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Lolita Desu Review + Bonus Late Wardrobe Post

I recently ordered from Lolita Desu, an online lolita store run by skaya_chan out of Denmark.  I saw her advertising her store somewhere on EGL, and joined the Facebook group.  It's great to be a part of the FB group, because there are constantly contests and promotions going on, which makes things fun and affordable!  Anyways, with increasing exposure, I thought some people might be interested in a review!

Collapse )

Also, I know I'm cheating, but I missed out on January's theme as I didn't want to take pictures of my wardrobe with an iPhone.  So I'm posting my wardrobe now!  It's very picture-heavy, and since I know people are probably tired of this theme by now, here's a link to that post on my journal:

Late Wardrobe Post!

Thanks! <3
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new shopping service, nagoya area

(Mods, please let me know if this is okay! I PMed laviefantasque  about this a few months back and she said it was okay, but I don't know if the rules have changed since then.)

Hi! I'm Massiel and I'm studying abroad in Nagoya. To fund my eating habit (food, man, it's hard to break), I've decided to set up a temporary shopping service. I have access to most of the major loli brands:

Atelier Boz
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 
Alice and the Pirates
Innocent World
Angelic Pretty
Emily Temple Cute
Black Peace Now

I am also willing to pick up non-loli items as long as I have enough information about what you want (i.e., store name, item picture). My fees are just the price of the piece(s), 15% commission, shipping, and paypal fees. (I don't charge for transportation since I get a train pass for school and the area covers where all the lolita stuff is.) I will do reserves. I will also mark it as a gift if it makes the shipping cheaper for you.
I'm running this service out of this journal and the email address totheslide (at) gmail (dot) com. (If you email me and I respond using a different address, my email is forwarded to my phone and I'm responding from there -- that way I can still respond even when I'm not home!) I have little feedback so far since I am brand new, but I hope that doesn't deter you from working with me! http://enredadi.livejournal.com/1573.html <~ Feedback page. My page at egl_feedback still hasn't been created unfortunately.
Thanks so much :)