February 12th, 2011

How old is too old?


I'm fairly new to this community and to lolita in general! Forgive me if this question has been asked before (I couldn't find an answer by using the search sidebar).

I recently turned 27 and am wondering how old is too old to be wearing lolita clothes. Currently, I tend to gravitate towards classic and gothic looks, but won't rule out other styles. I'd like to think that despite my age, I still have some lolita years left in me! Thanks!

Kuragehime/BTSSB Pic Request

Did anyone purchase the Kuragehime black and white striped JSK from Baby?


I fell in love with this dress, but didn't have funds at the time to purchase it, so I'm wondering if there are pics of anyone who did buy it? I'm watching the anime right now so I'm hoping to live vicariously through someone who did buy it! (lol...) I know it went on reserve late last november, so I'm fairly certain it's been shipped out.

Thanks ladies!

New Blog!

Hi everyone!
I just started a new lolita blog called Milk and Chocolate. I'm hoping on posting some useful tips and ideas for lolitas and maybe doing some item reviews and outfit posts. Anyway it would be really lovely if I could get some readers so if got time to follow another blog that would be great! Here's the link: Milk and Chocolate


socks/stocking question

Hi, i'm pretty new to lolita and just so i stay within the rules, i was wondering, what the actual definition of socks/stocking are, and which are aceptable, as in England, stockings are transparent cut off tights, where as socks are opaque and thicker, but often on loli clothing websites their stockings look like socks and vice versa. So...

are transparent stockings allowed? opaque only? or not at all seeing as they have more of a 'sexy' vibe? or just stick to 'socks'?

thankyou in advance

Gigi xxx