February 10th, 2011


Lolita Writing Prompts

Hi there!

I'm starting a blog for Lolita (and Aristocrat, et al) Writing Prompts here: http://loliprompts.wordpress.com/ I wanted to motivate myself to write in my own blog more, and since Lolita blogging seems so popular nowadays, I created this blog to share the motivation with anyone who is interested.

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I plan on adding a new prompt every Thursday. I'm starting it off with three prompts to give you a choice. Feel free to suggest future topics if there's anything you're curious to see responses for. I hope you'll join me!

10 Items/ 7 Outfits Challenge!

Hello! This is my first post on EGL :3 
I am a newbie Loli, and I only own one Lolita OP and shoes. I used some other of my favorite clothing items for this challenge, as well as the dress and shoes.
I know some of my outfits can't really be considered Loli
I tried my best ^^

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Opinion and help lease :)

Hello all!

I was wondering if you lovely ladies would be able to help me out. I'm interested in buying my first dress from Meta. Specifically, this one:


My concern is the measurements that are listed. I noticed the dress has A LOT of shirring but I'm a little nervous in purchasing it not knowing how it will fit. My bust is 98cm and my waist is 80cm. I hear Meta's shirring is very forgiving? Any thoughts? Thank you all so much in advance!
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Because of the good response I got from my small quiz I posted the other day, I decided to make a short algorithm helping new lolitas decide on the best style for them. Once again it’s quite short and pretty self-explanatory. I tried to include as many styles as possible. All artwork is done by me. Yay pixel art.
Let's hope this all works.
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