February 9th, 2011


Where/how to buy "Swimmer" Brand accessories?

  I'm sorry to post a seemingly silly question, but I keep seeing all these adorable Swimmer accessories, and I've gone to the online store, which is of course in Japanese, and I'd love it if someone could tell me how I'd go about purchasing their products? Has anyone here done it through a shopping service? If so, any specific ones you'd recommend? Thank you so much! ^^
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I was wondering if anyone was interested in writing an article for Tokyo Catwalk on what it means to be Lolita? We've concluded that  a seasoned fashionista of Lolita would be ideal to write the article (as we don't want to mistakenly write any misconceptions, etc.)

one of the members mentioned that the topic is so broad that one person couldn't capture the entire aspect of lolita.
so if anyone wants to submit their thoughts and personal view on lolita (maybe what the fashion/lifestyle means to you?).
actually any suggestions or comments are appreciated!!

If you are interested please email me (Lena) at Lena@tokoycatwalk.com

[I don't know if this counts as advertising, but if so I will delete this post- also if there is somewhere else i should post?]

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sealing accessories!

Hi there! Let me know if this is too off topic, but do some of you lolita seal your accessories? To keep paints and etc. from chipping off?
I try to coat small painted charms with clear nail polish to keep the paint from scratching, especially on charm bracelets which tend to get knocked around a ton.

Also for deco-crafters/deco-jewelry, what do you seal it with, or is clear nail polish thin enough?

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question about gothic lolita

So I am newly getting into gothic and gothic lolita fashion but I am unsure of what to do for hair accessories, I am not sure where to buy them nor do I know which ones to look for when it comes to gothic. I checked the lolita handbook but it was mostly centered on hairstyles and clothes and the focus is on sweet lolita. I was wondering if the gothic lolitas in the comm would be willing to share with me what they do in regards to their hair and their hair accessories cause I am really unsure of what to do in that regard.

ETA: thank you everyone for all your help! Now I actually know what to do with my hair!