February 7th, 2011

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SOLVED! Thank you!

If y'all want, I can delete this after I get my answer. Okay, on to the question!

I seem to remember a few people linking to a site where you could work up "coordinates" using stock pictures. I think the site would put things together into sets? It was some way to see how a coordinate would look ahead of time...But i can't seem to find the posts. It seems to me they were asking for coordinate help and provided the link as a preview.

Blah, I don't think I'm explaining what I want very well. Does anyone think they know the site I'm talking about?

EDIT: Thanks for the help! I knew it was something simple, but I couldn't find it. Cheers! Think I should delete this to declutter friends' pages?

January Theme: Wardrobe Post

I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say goodbye, hello! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!


I started collecting my Lolita Wardrobe at New York Anime Festival September 2008. I have lots of random items, as I buy lots of Lucky Packs, sale items, fashion show samples, Lolita swap meets, second hand items. I think the only brand items I have paid full price for have been some OTK socks, and an AP parasol.

My wardrobe includes Japanese and American brands, as well as off brand items from: Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Apatico, Atelier-Pierrot, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Betsey Johnson, Bionic Unicorn, Blasphemina's Closet, Bodyline, Cosplay Wigs, Forever 21, H&M, h.NAOTO x Hello Kitty, Hey, Sailor, I Do Declare, Innocent World, Irregular Choice, J. Peterman, KMK Kostumes, Megan Maude, Metamorphose, Office (shoes), Putumayo, Scoundrels' Keep, Target, Vintage.....

It took me longer than expected to get all my wardrobe photographed, captioned and organized. And I ended up with too many photos to post here, so I have them in my Flickr: 
165 photos in Flickr thumbnail view, mouse over photo for descriptions 

165 photos in Flickr slideshow, click on Show Info to see descriptions


khun derppp

Safety Harbor Swap Meet

Hey everyone! Come join the Central Florida Lolita Society for a lovely Saturday morning of wardrobe-swapping at the park (specific area TBA)! The swap will begin at 10AM *sharp*. We hope to see you there!

When: Saturday, February 26 · 10:00am - 1:00pm

Where: Philippe Park (specific area TBA)
2525 Phillippe Pkwy
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Suggestions of what to bring:
-Your stuff! :D (See under the cut for specifics.)
-A tablecloth/something on which to display your items without dirtying them.
-A small mirror.
-Your contact information for with whomever you trade.

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The event is also posted on facebook here, and if you're not already a member of the Central Florida Lolita Society I urge you to become one! I find it's a much more effective way of communicating within the Florida lolita community.

gothic frills/Ciel Phantomhive

Overrated prints?

In reply to the post below stating that Vampire Reqiuem is back, I'm wondering if anyone else here has those prints that you feel you SHOULD like, but really don't.

Like, I usually like ornate gothic prints and also really OTT Sweet prints but Vampire Reqiuem somehow leaves me stone cold. It kinda looks a bit disjointed to me. xD Anyway, I don't want to bitch about the print too much, it's all about personal taste after all.

I just wonder if there are any Sweet Lolitas who hate Milky Planet, for example? Or any Gothic Lolitas who loathe Iron Gate? And so on. ^^
wonder party

ATTN: So Cal Lolitas! Important Sponsor Update!

As lemontree11 announced in this post, Tune in Tokyo is hosting an espeically loli-friendly event at Royal-T Cafe!

The theme is "Year of the Rabbit" to celebrate the new year.
More information can be found here on the Facebook event page.

Two new sponsors have been announced for the event: *drum roll*
Angelic Pretty and Harajuku Hearts!!
There will be great prizes in store for the event, courtesy of our fantastic sponsors!
Be sure to join us for great contests, prizes, and J-Pop, K-Kop, and live music from LOLITA DARK!

We hope to see you there!


Lolitas in Inked

I was flipping through my friend's February 2011 copy of Inked and stumbled upon a (tiny) photo of two lolitas - one appears to be wearing Happy Garden.

It's on page 92 on the spread about Art Basel and Sanrio's 50th Anniversary in Miami. They don't appear to be inked themselves, but I could be wrong.
Just thought it'd be interesting to share this find! Maybe stir up some lolitas-with-tattoos discussion :) I personally don't have any yet, though have plans!

Lolita Spotting! Los Angles Trade Technical College

(Sorry for posting again so soon.)

February 7th, I saw a lolita wearing white-ish shoes, black socks, and the Putumayo cat window skirt in black zooming out of room 105 in Building D, the fashion design building. Hair down. I didn't want to stop you since you looked like you were in a hurry.

Ring a bell? I was just wondering if you were on this community! XD