February 6th, 2011

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Hi everyone!
I'm in a bit of a dilemma and need some advice.  I am a new lolita and have been saving up for a while to get my own pieces, but now that I can afford the clothing, I'm in a major time crunch.  I am going to an event in the first week in April, so I would have to get the pieces by  late March. I have looked at qutieland and such but they have a 35-40 day work period on most pieces. So does anyone have any ideas as to where to order custom sizes from, taking the short amount of time into account? Any responses/suggestions are much appreciated :D Thank you!
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Positive seamstress review: Claudia_Ethos services

In November I posted on sew-loli looking for a seamstress to make a replica VM piece for my girlfriend and I.  claudia_ethos was one seamstress who replied to our post, and my girlfriend and I decided to choose her  for the replica. In general I am always a little wary of commissioning from someone who doesn't have a lot of feedback, but I can say that I am VERY happy to have given her the chance and commissioned a piece from her. Her portfolio may have been small, and she may not have had a lot of past commissions but don't let that fool you.

The process took around 2 months, since it was commissioned around the holidays, which was fine since I had no set deadline for the piece.

      VM JSK we were looking to have made                                     And the Replica
                                                                              (No neck ties or bows on our version per our choice.)
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Stars and Zoos and Material

I dont know if it is because I am new or there are none but I was wondering if there were any dresses out there that have stars in them or if they have a little zoo to them? They can be brand or handmade! :D I was just kind of curios because my mom is planning on making me a dress and I didnt want to make it look like I copied someone's! I was also just curious! :D I was also wondering if there are any space themes that dont look like cosplay.

2. What places would you recommend to buy material for a JSK? :O I would like to know of places in the United States that sell good quality material and good quality lace. Please and thank you! :D
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Where is usagi-shop?

 Hi guys,

I've been trying to get on to www.usagi-shop.jp, but the site seems to have moved or something...?

Just curious if anyone knows the new address or what happened to it.

Thanks ^ ^

lolita inspired photoshoot

I wasn't sure if I should post any of these here since none of the coordinates are 100% lolita, nor do they look very finished, but I figured if nothing else they might do good to anyone looking for worn photos of the bodyline pieces incorporated.

I've never taken "professional" photos before, so sorry if they aren't that great-I don't consider myself a model or model standard at all it was just something new and fun to do. Photography by Mico with 7thstreethphotography. The clothes worn are a variety of lolita inspired things, including 2 bodyline pieces. The photographer helped chose my coordinates(from my existing wardrobe)/locations since it was mostly for building his porfolio, and he did it for free :)

Once I have some extra cash in the next few months I plan on finally buying some nicer lolita pieces and doing another shoot following more of the fashion's rules because I had a blast :) Any local girls want to collaborate on a shoot? It's way too easy to find photographers willing to do trades when there's interesting fashion involved.

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Apparently, Lolita Is Declining In Japan?

I'm sure someone has seen or heard about this by now.

(removed link because it caused too much rage)

I REALLY don't think it's ending (that's hard to see because of the internet and media, you'd think it'd be more known about than ever before), but is there anyone in Japan who can vouch for this, and what's up with lolita compared to other trends? This is purely out of curiosity.

Also, if it really is declining or in a "stalemate" of some sorts, how do you think brands can adapt?

Thanks for any information!

The idea of loli dying right now is ludicrous, at least in europe and the states. Apparently i shouldn't trust this blogger's articles. However I was merely wondering about Japan only. Thanks everyone!

New layout and themes for February

Finally our new layout is here, artwork this month is by deadtree . You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. With thanks to Lavie for running the poll this month! It was a very close poll, only around 10 votes between the winner and runner up. It's great we have such fantastic art to choose from, thank you everyone :) Maybe it's all those candy floss jelly beans I ate, but I am liking the abundance of pink. As usual, everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

The General Theme for February is The 10 item 7 outfit challenge.
Choose 10 items (excluding accessories), put together 7 significantly different outfits, then show us the results! Props go to raydance  for the idea, so please see her post for the full explanation.

The Aesthetic Theme for February is Rabbits.
Chinese new year is upon us, bringing us the year of the rabbit. We'd love to see your rabbit themed accessories, dresses, artwork, photoshoots and everything else in-between this month!

The Contest for February is Old-school coordinates
EGL now has monthly contests! Please see this post for more details, and click here to submit your photo.