February 5th, 2011

Winter/Spring Coats

So winter is starting to fade away but it is still pretty cold and I was looking into getting a coat. Does anyone know of coats that aren't too thick but still warm enough? I looked around through the memories and found a few but a lot of the coats are no longer being sold.

Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: The weather where I am at this moment has a High of 60*F [cold winds] and Lows of 30*F [rain some nights]

Vintage Moitié and artwork!

I shot flokati_san this afternoon. It started out as a social call, but as she's got a brand new Moitié coord and I had my camera with me of course, we ended up shooting anyway. There are more pictures than this one, all of them pretty, but I really wanted to share this because the editing style is unusual for me - that is to say, I used to do it more, but haven't in a while, and certainly not with Lolita. Flokati liked it, but we're both aware that it's not standard for Lolita photography, so I guess we know it's pushing the boat out a little. Hope you like it anyway. ^^

( Follow the fake cut for a full version ^^ )

An outfit rundown is actually unnecessary as it's ALL Moitié. o__o

Unrelated to that, I'd also like to present some Lolita-related artwork I did the day before yesterday. The style is inspired by Shina Himetsuka - please google her, as she's f*ing epic and pwns me! I also hope you'll enjoy my picture, too. ^^

( Fake cut no.2! )
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The Most Elegant Sport in the Land...

Hellooooooo, ladies!

For those in the U.S., Sunday is the Super Bowl! Personally I'm not a super-fan of (American) football, but I watch it. I especially love the energy, and the commercials! So in light of Super Bowl XLV, let's have a fun discussion! What kind of sports do you think would fit the Lolita Aesthetic? What would be the team names? Colors? Mascots? Whether it highly popular, highly underrated, or you made it up, tamed or MEGA-RUGGED, share!

Go Green Bay!

Too Tall?

I am 5'9 1/2". How long does a skirt have to be to look "right"?
I am looking at a skirts on eBay which are all 16". I don't know if it is the measurement for the total skirt or not. (example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280625051460#ht_2423wt_905 )
I don't want to pay money for something too short.
What do you tall Lolitas recommended?


(//edit: Thank you all of the support!! *hugs*)
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(no subject)

I didn't want to ask such a small question on such a big community, but this has been killing me:  how much does a lolita skirt usually weigh?  On average, or a range, any kind of estimate would help.  I've heard the Qutieland estimates are off, but by how much?