February 4th, 2011


10 Items/7 Outfits Challenge!

This is a little late, but I figure that this could fit into the wardrobe theme for January. If the theme hasn't changed yet, it's still "wardrobe", right? RIGHT? :D

I was flipping through the January issue of Kera again while looking for something, and it reminded me of Carousel of Crowns' article on the wardrobe diet. Something crazy in me decided that I would take up the Kera style challenge!


Anyone is welcome to join in; here are the rules that I've set for myself.

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DoL Merry-Go-Around replica review request?


Coming out of my lurker's cave to ask:

Does anyone have the Dream of Lolita IW Merry-Go-Around JSK/SK replica?
I just wanna know your thought on the material and print. If anybody would be so kind as to share if they have them, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks :D

BTW, Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating. 
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Handmade headpieces?

So, about 2 months ago I was browsing the sales comm and saw someone selling these absolutely gorgeous handmade hairpieces for about $40. I had just spent a lot on my dream dress, so sadly, I couldn't buy them, but I wish I had saved the link because I would have liked to use them for ideas to make similar pieces.

So I'm wondering, has anyone seen or know where I can find those kinds of accessories? (I don't mean like, alice bows or little hats) I'm looking for something very... haute couture :) thanks in advance!

Lolita items on Cafepress and Zazzle

I was wondering if anybody has ordered any of the various Lolita items on either Cafepress or Zazzle? There seem to be more and better designs at Cafepress, but I've heard that CP's print quality, particularly on T-shirts, is pretty bad.

Since I want to start selling some designs with Lolita art on it, I was just curious which place you prefer to shop at (if you're into collecting these types of items), and what you think of the quality of their products?

Thank you!
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Canceling a reservation

Dear EGl;

Ive put an reserve on the black holy night skirt with angelic pretty paris on the 11th of november; and they havent stocked it yet. I would like to cancel it because of the fact I wanted it for the holiday season and its pretty useless now, not only that but Im kinda bored with the print now. Is is acceptable to tell them you would like to cancel the reservation(although this is called impossible) because of the time of it?

kind regards,

Im not planning to use them ever again. I kinda grow out of sweet lolita these months. It just takes too long 4 months. Oke I might sound selfish, but after 4 months.. dont I have some canceling-rights? I just want this solved nicely...

Lolita Support


I have just moved into my Boyfriend's and recently got my Lolita stuff. I was trying a few on, since he never really sees me in Lolita, and he decided he wanted to 'join in' on the fun. ^.^ Here are the photos.

Warning... He is such a Dork XD 
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