February 3rd, 2011


Carnival lolis?

Do you have some carnival-inspired coords? Show me! I just had the idea how the elegant masks and headdresses could work with loli in masquerades or balls. Or would it be weird?

Imagine Venice invaded by loli army. ; )
Russia, Chicken

Decotti Macaron Questions and Advice Wanted

 So I received this Decotti Macaron DIY kit, and am excited to use it, but have never done deco before!
The instructions are in Japanese, but have pictures, so it is somewhat self-explanatory. However, I was wondering if there is anything I need to know that wouldn't be in the pictures, like breathing in fumes or how long it takes to set. 
Does anyone have any quick tips or advice for doing this effectively?
I don't really plan on making it a hobby, so I don't want to join any deco comms, I just wanted some feedback here :D
Also, the pastry bag it came with is FILLED with fake frosting. Since I only need a little, what do I do with all of the extra? Suggestions?

Will this print bleed?

 Hello! I checked the "list of what can and can't be washed" and didn't see this print. I have a jsk of Baby's strawberry love letter in the brown colorway. It's brown and white gingham and I would love to dye it to get the white a more off white or cream shade. I have the headbow too that I could always test on first, but I was wondering if anyone had tried to wash this print at all. Thank you! 

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