February 2nd, 2011


Lief Review and Problems List

All the Lief Sacred Night orders seem to be arriving now, but the list of problems people are having with their items seem to keep growing with every new post I see. 

I wanted to compile a central list of issues and problems people have had with their Lief orders, past and present, so it can be used as a reference for people considering purchasing from them for any future releases (*cough* cause I know I'll be going over it if they release something new I want).  Would also serve the purpose of bringing any issues to the surface since not everyone is planning to make a review post.  I think it would also help to determine if they are making good progress at making their products better with each release (which would be great) or if it's random and means the next release may be a craps shoot.

My personal experience was with the Sacred Night print since that's the only one I own (and I have no idea if such a list already exists elsewhere for the other prints), but if people would like to make a mention of problems they have/had with other Lief prints or post a link to a review, that would be great. ^^

Lief keeps getting more well known with each release, but no print has gone off without a hitch, so I think it's important to keep in mind the inherent risks of indies brands who do not have a decade of experience under their belts and are still trying to find better suppliers who can provide higher quality and more accurate products.  If you're the type to want your goods EXACTLY as you expect it, Lief as it is may not be your ideal company to order from.

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