January 31st, 2011

Orange Caramel; Dizzy Miss Lizzy

A question about petticoats

Hello everyone. I am interested in the Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat http://clobbaonline.com/index.php?p=1_48
but I am a newbie to lolita so I still dont know how high a skirt rises because of a petticoat. I dont want the skirt to be too short. the regular length of the skirt i like is 60cm/23 inches and the petti is 42 cm and made with fluffy organza. So for those of you with experience. how high can I expect my skirt to rise? how high do skirts usually rise when worn with a bell shape fluffy petti? I hope someone can help.

Question about alice+fururun updates.

Hello egl!

I'm sorry I have to make this simple question here but I reached my limit this time.
Today I saw  this dress at alice fururun with the amazing price of 4000yen. And as always happen it's sold out. (anger)
So my question is: does anyone in this community know when alice fururun makes their updates? What day and what hour?

I searched in the memoires and didn't find this information, but if I missed something I will delete this post immediatly. Just let me know where it is.

edit: I forgot to say that I already asked this to the website staff but they didn't reply :(

Thank you <3
Kim Myoung Jae

Follow up to a Loris bag review

This is just a follow up to the Taobaospree review that I made here People were asking me to update after I wore the shooting star bag to see if it would fall apart. Well I wore it to Pixelcon and the seams didn't budge. I just treated it like a normal purse, no issues at all. I even tugged on it a little bit to see if they were coming loose after I came home, but no =D

The blue bag I haven't worn yet, but I hope this helps those of you who were interested in the shooting star bag, but scared to buy it.

DoL Window Kitten Skirt Color?

Hi, sorry for posting so many questions to your community, I almost feel like a spammer. :S
Anywho, I was reading about the window kitten skirt from Dream of Lolita, and have read that the white part of the print is actually a light dusty pink color.  What I was wondering is if anyone actually owned the skirt or saw it in real life, and how pink is the print truly?  As in, could you still wear a white blouse without looking silly?  I've tried looking at a few pictures, and in every one I either see a nice white print, or a slightly cream tinted print; I think my eyes are deceiving me.  :(

Skirt in question:
  • senyo91

Question about BtssB Little Red Riding Hood

Hey, I'm interested in the little red riding hood parasol. Does anyone knows if it was avaible in ivory or white? I only found black with white ruffles, pink with white ruffles and white with pink ruffles. And was there a matching headpiece for the set?
Anyone can show me some pictures, please?

Thank you very much =).